Why Are Nice Guys “Just Friends” to Most Girls?



Hello! Today I will be exploring a dilemma that causes a lot of confusion among guys about what girls find attractive in a man. We all know that one guy who is super nice and yet that quality actually seems like a female repellant when you glance at his track record with the ladies. You know the one! He is that lucky guy who has tons of female friends but no girlfriend. So does that mean that every girl dreams of being with a deeply disturbed, blue-eyed, control freak always in the mood for “kinky-fuckery”? The answer is hell no!!! No girl wants to be with a Christian Grey unless she is so lazy in bed that she would rather be tied up then lift a finger to touch the guy *50 Shades mini rant over*.

So what is the poor nice guy doing wrong? The truth is that the majority of men, especially desi men, have a very limited and primitive idea of “manliness”. Their idea instantly conjures up an image of a silver backed male gorilla banging his fists against his chest in a bold display of dominance. What desi men fail to understand is that they have been gifted with a tongue unlike an ape. Unfortunately, when they do make use of this blessing, their vocabulary mostly revolves around choice curse words, grunts, yells, not-so-witty one-liners, crude pick up lines handed down generations and rare heartfelt confessions about their “difficult and unfair” lives.  A “real man” has giant muscles, “swagger”, a killer attitude and an explosive temper, gives one word answers, acts broody and distant for no reason, looks at women as if he possesses Superman’s X-ray vision, stalks random women at bus stops, prefers to use his fists in a conversation because talking is for pussies, is always unhelpful particularly when it comes to house chores and acts gross in general. Since there is no effective way of getting around a man’s perception on this matter, girls have been deeply influenced by the desi male’s mental sketch of “mardangi” (manliness).

If a guy does not demonstrate some of the aforementioned “manly” qualities characteristic of the desi Y chromosome (Yes, I am sure it will soon be scientifically proven that desi men have unique Y chromosomal DNA) every now and then, the girl’s mind will fail to place him in the category of men. As a result, his chances of building a romantic relationship with her will fizzle out faster than Afridi exits the pitch after being catch out without fail in each match.

Now, that I have revealed the BIG secret about why desi girls don’t think of nice guys as more than friends, the reality feels pretty twisted and just plain wrong. Good men are a dying breed and really need to be appreciated more. Alas, we cannot ignore evolutionary trends and must adapt to our changing habitats because it’s only survival of the fittest here. Until next time, Good luck! 😉


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