Can I Love Myself If I Am Fat?


Hey guys! We all are, unfortunately, keenly aware of society’s primeval obsession with body image especially a woman’s physique. Recently, I came across a video titled “Women’s Ideal Body Types throughout History”, which compelled me to take a closer look at what sort of figure is considered acceptable by today’s society. Naturally, the first thing that popped into my mind was the idea of being “fat”, which is considered almost blasphemous now. Not only women but men too have been caught up in this tornado of “Fat is ugly”. Even as children, the “fat” kid is the butt of all jokes and ridiculed for no other reason than his weight being different from his playmates (If he is lucky enough to even have some).

The slightest hint of chubby cheeks and protruding belly or the poorly disguised suggestion of dieting by a friend, family member or colleague is enough to send us into hysterics. Phrases like “forever alone”, “I am turning into a pig” and “I can’t go out looking like this” start floating through our minds feeding our insecurities. Hold on a minute! What does gaining a little weight have to do with being attractive, marriage prospects or facing other people? Uhhh….apparently everything! Me: “Hey, I thought this was the 21st century of mature and civilized humans. Man has reached the moon for Heaven’s sake!” People: “No darling, beauty is still skin deep and fat people should be exterminated because frankly, they are an embarrassment to modern beauty”.

I may be alone in my “radical” theory but I possess enough knowledge of biology to understand healthy body weight so, I beg to differ. As most people remain unaware of their normal BMI according to age and height, they push their body to extremes trying to achieve what society terms as the “ideal body”. Every time we comment on someone’s weight, we are fuelling this ridiculous notion of an unrealistic body type. We are oppressing others by forcing them to conform to modern beauty standards, which are unattainable for the majority. Factors such hormones, stress, anxiety, activity levels, deviation from routine and even weather contribute to changes in weight. Fluctuations of a few pounds are completely normal so relax!

I was the lame chubby kid during my school days in my childish mind. Teenage years were a struggle and I constantly found faults in my appearance. As a result, I remained conscious about my figure and predictably unhappy about it. Eventually, there came a time when I realized that my happiness depended on people’s twisted judgment of my appearance. Gradually, I learned to love everything about my body and I believe that is probably the most attractive thing about a person. Never let anyone make you feel uncomfortable in your own skin. People are never going to be happy with you even if you bring them the moon and all the stars in the Milky Way! The day you understand this is the day you will realize that you are perfect in your own way.

Be happy
Be Happy

Till next time! Keep those endorphins flowing and smile! 😀


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