BTS Blood, Sweat & Tears MV Japanese Version Review & Fan Theories

Hi guys! Bangtan Sonyeondan’s Blood, Sweat & Tears MV Japanese version was officially released today and predictably, it’s awesome.

As expected, fan theories started pouring in within minutes of its release. I’m going to tell you what I think and the theories I have come up with. These are just my thoughts but I have heard some things from others which I will mention.

Let me start off with the obvious: Blood, Sweat & Tears Korean version is the first part and the Japanese version is the second part. This is not exactly a story but it does have a timeline. Both MVs have the timeline in common: we see the beginning in the last few scenes. There are many Biblical references in both MVs but sadly, I haven’t read the Bible so I was unable to grasp them all.

Namjoon has often said that they try to show the lives of the youth and BST does exactly that. BST is basically a depiction of the reality we face every day: the battle between good vs. evil. Namjoon explained that BST is about the temptations the youth face in the form of their own desires.

Here’s what happened

In the Korean version, we see Taehyung jump from the balcony and when the shroud lifts from him there is an injury on his back where his wings were ripped out. Taehyung is a fallen angel possibly, Lucifer. The statue of the fallen angel with the black feathered wings represents Taehyung. He acts like he’s one of boys so they never suspect him of being evil.

bst k 6

The boys are all sitting at the table with apples on their plates but they haven’t touched them yet. The apple is the forbidden fruit which Adam and Eve ate after being enticed by Lucifer resulting in them being cast out of Heaven. The apples represent the temptation that is often invitingly laid before us like a feast.

bst k 4

Jin stands up and the screen goes red as he lets go of the balloon but still reaches out for it. The balloon represents childish innocence which has now left him. Jin is alone when he kisses the statue and we see Taehyung covering Jin’s eyes. Jin has now succumbed to temptation and is blinded by evil.

Jin meets Namjoon and hands him a vial of Absinthe. Absinthe is also like apples here. The both represent the same thing: evil. So, Namjoon becomes corrupted and sets his eyes on Jungkook, who is his partner for the BST MVs. He forces Jungkook to drink the Absinthe. Jungkook is the youngest and I think he represents innocence almost angelic. The goodness in him repels the Absinthe as we see him vomit and the chaos spreading is shown as the swirling colors. Yoongi comes to check on him but Jungkook rejects his help. Remember the roles were reversed in the Run MV. When Jungkook wakes up in the Japanese MV, we can see a stain on his mattress similar to Taehyung’s wing injury. It’s like Jungkook was an angel but after being forced to take Absinthe he has fallen from grace. This probably shows how corruption spreads from one person to another and the role of peer pressure in it.


I assume the others become similarly corrupted in various ways but they all react differently to it. Jimin bites into the apple. It obviously represents Jimin being corrupted maybe at the same time as Jungkook. This is further stressed on as the apple is blended into a liquid and the liquid turns green just like Absinthe. The scene from BST Korean version where Jungkook licks his finger tasting the green substance is repeated. This confirms that’s where Jungkook was corrupted. Jimin’s sin appears to be hypocrisy. He feels like he is living a lie and we see two parts of him in this MV: the Jimin who is aware that he has become corrupt and the Jimin who is confused and either unaware or in denial. In the blue room, Unaware Jimin looks at the apple in his hand in confusion. Yoongi keeps covering Jimin’s eyes with either his hands or a blindfold in both BST MVs.

bst k1

I don’t know if Yoongi was the one who led Jimin astray but he keeps trying to stop Jimin from learning the truth about the corruption within them both. They are partners in the BST MVs. Suddenly we start watching things from Jimin’s perspective as Yoongi’s fingers block the screen in the Japanese MV. As Jimin moved Yoongi’s hands away from his eyes he starts seeing reality. Aware Jimin walks and then literally runs away from Yoongi. He walks around realizing that his soul was tainted by the apple and feels ashamed of it trying to wipe the taste of the apple from his mouth.

J-Hope’s temptation is drugs I guess. We see him struggle with pills in many MVs. Yoongi’s might be lust/love like we saw him become destructive in First Love. J-Hope and Jimin’s solo dances are the same as that in their solo songs. I believe they reveal their inner turmoil as they battle the evil inside their souls. The ceiling of the dance studio is a scene from Heaven so J-Hope reaches out his hand in a plea for help. J-Hope alone seems keenly aware of his corruption and even manages to defeat it as he throws away his pills. J-Hope is repeatedly shown sitting in front a statue of the Virgin Mary I believe. I think it’s meant to show that the good in him is stronger than the evil and he ultimately overcomes it. Now, all six of the boys have been corrupted and we see Taehyung, the evil fallen angel, move away from Jimin and Jungkook.

bst 3

Maybe he corrupted them in order of age. It could be that kids learn from their elders and when the elders deviate from the right path, the younger ones follow. He seems to be stumbling around but I don’t know why. I can’t tell what’s written on his shirt but I think it’s significant. The lower part maybe “98six” but I can’t be sure. If so, it could be a Biblical reference I didn’t understand.

Several things happen around the same time now. Both Jimins face each other. Yoongi is again there to shield Unaware Jimin’s eyes from reality. Unaware Jimin drops the cause of the evil, the apple, in shock finally detaching himself from evil. Jimin is thrust into the chaos evil created, Jungkook tries to walk away from the cracks in the floor (the damage evil did in his life) and Namjoon breaks all the mirrors around himself probably because he was unable to face the reality of what he did and what he has become.

namjoon broken mirros

Jimin and Jungkook hold Taehyung in place as he struggles to escape. Meanwhile, J-Hope skims his hand along a weapon and someone holds a dart read to throw it at Taehyung. I think it maybe Jin. The scene where J-Hope fires an arrow in BST Korean version is repeated but this time, the arrow flies through time and space and Taehyung flinches as if he sees it coming and not a tiny dart. J-Hope wins against Taehyung but not the others.

bst k2

Jin beats up Taehyung like he blames him for his corruption and has finally come to his senses. Taehyung seems happy that his mission to corrupt them all was successful. He pushes Jin down then appears to stab him in the heart. I think it means that Jin tried to fight his corruption too late and he couldn’t stop the corruption from killing him in the end. I think the shattered mirrors and swirls Jungkook and Namjoon see are the effects of Jin’s death on them showing how one person’s death affects those around him. Taehyung directly corrupted Jin. Jin corrupted Namjoon who in turn corrupted Jungkook. Taehyung gleefully moves on to kill the others. Taehyung’s jacket reads “Lone Wolf” and “Confuse” while having cards on it too. I think it shows that Lucifer is not one of the boys and that he plays games confusing them leading them to evil. Taehyung is moving through sheets and curtains which probably meant that he hides behind screens and it’s hard to see his true face. Namjoon also mentioned this in an interview that evil comes to us in the shape of our desires. So, that’s how Taehyung manages to lead them all astray. He sneaks around and crawls through a small opening into the outdoors where his jacket sleeve reads “DISAPPEAR”. I think it means that Lucifer sneakily corrupts and leaves once he’s done. If you are religious, you could interpret Taehyung’s character to be Lucifer or a fallen angel. If not, you could simply interpret it as supreme evil or the source of evil. It could also be understood as the selfish human part we all have inside of us.


You might be wondering why I didn’t talk about Jin and the painting. Jin stares at a painting which depicts a battle being Heaven and Hell in both BST MVs. I believe it is figurative and not literal. Jin is gazing upon the real world and the never ending battle between good and evil. In the Japanese MV, Jin is shown first but what we don’t realize is that Jin is dead and in the place between worlds. We are later shown the hole in his heart where Taehyung stabbed him. Looking at the painting, I think his life flashes before his eyes. The scene is abruptly filled with red smoke like it’s something hazy in the past. Once, he sees his death in the painting, a void opens up in the floor. I think Jin corrupted his loved ones so now he’s going to hell for it. Suddenly, we see one of the boys (maybe J-Hope) look up to the sky and see a pair of wings.

jhope angel

Jin shatters and disappears but the falling shards of glass turn into white feathers. So, I believe that Jin did do to Heaven in the end because he repented for his sins and died trying to defeat evil.

Blood, Sweat and Tears is meant to show us the ugly reality I believe. It shows the youth how evil can sneak into their hearts, cause chaos in their lives, spread to others and even kill them. through the stories of these characters, it tells us how different people react to it and how we should deal with it. I think J-Hope would be the most inspiring in this case. We should be aware of it and fight it with all we have got if we don’t want it to consume us entirely.

Let me know what you guys thought and what your own fan theories are J Don’t forget to keep voting for the BBMAs and stream the new MV. BTS fighting! ARMY fighting! ❤


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