Monsta X Clan Part 2.5: Final Chapter (Beautiful) 1st Studio Album (Brilliant Version) Unboxing & Review

monst x beautiful cover finl

Hey folks! This year has been amazing for Monsta X so far. They came back with their first studio album, Clan Part 2.5: The Final Chapter, which is the last part in the The Clan album series. It had the title song Beautiful, which turned me into a Monbebe. They came back with the repackaged version, Shine Forever, right after that and went on their first world tour! Not to mention, rap line Jooheon and I.M released a fun and funky mix tape, Be My Friend, and Monsta X also released a special summer single, Newton, sponsored by Lipton.  Jooheon and Kihyun did a cover of Crush’s You & I as a unit, 2Chain, officially elevating Kihyun to biaswrecker status on my bias list! MonstaX-Ray Season 2 was another thing we could look forward too!

This was one of the first Kpop albums I bought and boy is it beautiful ❤ I’ll be doing n unboxing and sharing my review for this album.

Meet the Members

Let’s have a short introduction to Monsta X before I start. They debuted under Starship Entertainment in May, 2015 with Trespass following selection through a reality show, NO MERCY (It was brutal. Watch at your own risk).



Leader. Dancer. Vocalist. Papa Bear. Awkward muffin. Scared of nothing. Rising variety star.


Face of the Group. Vocalist. Flirt. Cheater.


Vocalist. Big softie. Fan Service King. My favorite dancer in Monsta X.


Main Vocal. Eomma. Savage. Shameless self lover. Now, a sexy rapper too (Evidence in 2Chain’s You & I cover). My second biaswrecker.


Visual (duh!). Dancer. Vocalist. Meme King.


Badass rapper. Excuse his charisma 😉 Aegyo King. Girl group dance addict. Savage. My bias ❤


Evil maknae. Effortlessly swag rapper. Good actor. My first biaswrecker ❤


Clan Part 2.5: The Final Chapter Brilliant Version Unboxing

I chose this version for the cover. I mean just look at it!! It’s so darn pretty ❤ When you put all three versions together, it spells “Beautiful” in English. I was surprised to see that there was no photo book rather there were two two-sided large photos of each member. I am really happy about that because there’s less chance of damage this way. After what happened to my GOT7 Flight Log Arrival album photo book, I’m convinced every company should arrange photos this way 😦 The photo shoot is amazing. The styling and concept for this comeback just blew me away. Visuals and aesthetic value: 100/10!

There are two stickers: one with Monsta X written on it and one of their group photo on set. I got a cute group photo card and Shownu’s transparent card 😀 The CD is nice and matches the mint green-blue color scheme of the Brilliant Version. I got I.M’s Clan X oath. Look at his signature: that crown on top LOL! Here’s the narration for this oath in English.


Clan Part 2.5: The Final Chapter Album Review

Ready or Not

This was a great way to start the album. Monsta X has some awesome tracks to get you hyped and you’ll notice this signature throughout this album. This is the ultimate track if you’re looking for some motivation this summer. I really liked Hyungwon’s clear smooth vocals in this song and I.M’s rap which is bit rougher than usual. This is just the short version of Ready or Not they performed on comeback stages. You can find full versions in fancams from their world tour. I love that Jooheon and I.M write their own raps. It brings a lot of personality creating a strong identity for Monsta X.

Beautiful (Title track)

This is one of the best releases of this year! The Monbebe fandom has exploded this comeback seriously. You can join the Monbebe Amino if you’re interested 🙂 Beautiful currently has four video and three audio versions (excluding dance practice) as follows:

Korean MV

Korean Choreography MV

Acoustic Verion

Japanese Version


My favourite version is the Acoustic Version. The vocals are much more pronounced with the soft piano playing in the background and Jooheon’s restrained rap, which is so powerful in the original, is amazing ❤ Everyone did a great job in the MV as well under the guidance of “Director Minhyuk” 😀 (You can watch the full Behind the Scenes on their Vlive or YT channel). Wonho’s vocals in particular were so soft and warm.

Coming to the original version, the subtle buildup to Jooheon’s incredible opening rap is everything! Everyone shines in Beautiful ❤ The choreography is sexy and smooth plus those jacket throws #ASTAGHFAR. Kihyun, Wonho, Hyungwon, Minhyuk and Showu sound lovely while Jooheon delivers another iconic rap lyric, “You’re so awesome!” 😛

The Japanese version is so gorgeous ❤ The lyrics do have changes here and there which I was apprehensive about before but OMG the VISUALS!!!! ❤ ❤ ❤ Every version of this song is a treat to watch and listen to.


I like how they kept the “beautiful” theme throughout the album. It keeps the tracks bound together. The chorus reminds me of  Monsta X’s Stuck (One of my favs! Go listen to it! Also, note Kihyun’s move in the chorus choreo and thank me later 😉 ). The rest of the composition has a Chris Brown’s Take You Down vibe which is why Wonho and Hyungwon’s vocals sound absolutely illegal! A great song to drown in completely.

Need U

Although Kihyun has “so beautiful………” vocals, I don’t think people often pay attention to the sub-vocalists. This is a sweet romantic number that’ll have you smiling and singing along. It’s mid-tempo with Kihyun’s cute “I need you” in the chorus lifting your mood. Wonho and Hyungwon sound lovely with Minhyuk’s expressive vocals showing you a different side of him. Shownu is such an underrated vocalist. Show Papa Bear some love people! I.M is just I.M 😀 If you’ve ever heard his cheesy proposals or pickup lines you’ll see why this rap is so him! I LOVED Jooheon’s cute little rap ❤ I really like when he doesn’t go hard. He is a versatile rapper even though most people think of his powerful stage charisma in title songs when someone mentions him.


Another favourite besides the title track! Oi is one fantastic dance song. GET HYPED!! BRING ON YOUR SWAG PEOPLE! It’s fun, motivation and swag in one cool package. Monsta X teaches you how to live your life to the fullest without any fear. I don’t know what it is but I can’t escape Wonho’s voice lately. You’ve been warned! Shownu just kills it with his straightforward vocals and of course rap line slays! Jooheon’s rap is full of attitude and when I.M comes in with his rude “Amen Amen” you know the swag is real 😀 Fun fact; Wonho helped in the composition/ production of this track ❤ You’ll find a dance performance only in fancams for now.

Miss You

Even though Miss You is a breakup song it’s not super sad. It’s perfect for the road. Everyone’s vocals blend together wonderfully to create a great mood and the music supports them nicely too. I love Kihyun’s chorus part and the stanza later on that reminds of of when he rapped in 2Chain’s You & I cover. One word: ILLEGAL! Rap line did a good job of sending the song’s emotions across to the listener. Jooheon also contributed in the composition/ production of this track.

Calm Down

This is one rude song! I was like, “Woah, calm down boy!” It’s my favourite after the title track. It totally takes me back to their debut days when the fuckboy/ “I’m a badass rebel” vibes were strong. The contrast between the softer vocals and then the hardcore rap is exciting. My favourite part is Hyungwon’s solo near the end. I love that kind of beat too.

All I Do

This song has everything I love about Kpop dance songs. It has lots of charm, groovy music, smooth vocals, a try-not-to-sing-along worthy chorus and of course signature Monsta X rap. I love Jooheon and I.M’s rap near the end. If that doesn’t make you wanna dab I don’t know what will 😛 This is another great one for the road.

 5:14 (Last Page)

This song is just awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ The composition and music creates the perfect nostalgic setting for the meaningful lyrics as Monsta X pour out their hearts to us. They basically talk about their thoughts, insecurities, fears, hopes and dreams about Monsta X. All hail Yoo Kihyun, King of Chorus! My favourite part was Hyungwon’s solo (This is starting to become a trend for me. Hmm…perhaps another biaswrecker in the near future?)

I’ll Be There

Last Page was about how Monsta X feel about each other and I’ll Be There is about their feelings for Monbebe (literally, “My Baby” in French). It’s sweet, cute and emotional. Their vocals are so soft you can feel the love ❤ Walking together whether the path is beautiful or rough, Monbebes and Monsta X will always be together ❤ Wonho helped with the lyrics and composition/ production. Monsta X’s Fan Service King will never stop surprising us. Love you Wonho Bunny ❤


My Rating: 4.75/5 



This is one amazing album. I am so happy they got to release a studio album and find their signature style too. Now, let’s get them their first music show win Monbebes. Monsta X fighting! Monbebes fighting! ❤


Photo credit: Starship Entertainment


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