Weekly Music Recommendations Review: Kpop Edition-Episode 1

Hello! I’m starting a new music review series featuring your favorite songs which I’ve never heard before. Follow me on Facebook so you can suggest songs to me every week for this series. Enjoy 🙂


Ice Fortress- Dear Cloud

I’ve never heard Dear Cloud before. I really liked the main vocal’s voice. It’s memorable and gives a unique flavor to the song. While dumb dumb me couldn’t understand the MV’s concept, it was beautifully done. The direction and camerawork was pretty cool. The acting and band’s performance expressed the emotions of the song well. Ice Fortress creates a haunting atmosphere for the listener and has a powerful impact especially towards the end. Kim Feel’s cover of this song was different from the original yet equally captivating 🙂


There are some VIXX title songs I really enjoy although I’m not a Starlight. I did hear the entire album this comeback both of VIXX and VIXX LR. Echo sounds a bit different from their usual songs. I love dance songs with a disco vibe. It reminded me of the 70s music that inspired many disco songs to date.  My favorite part was the “la la la la la”. However, I wasn’t a fan of the arrangement of this particular track. Disco songs rely on consistency but this song felt a bit jerky moving from chorus to stanza and back again. Nonetheless, it was enjoyable 🙂

I Smile-DAY6

DAY6 is freaking awesome and they’re certainly on a roll this year. I don’t stan them but I’ve been loving their music lately. I don’t know how I missed this release. Their vocals are fall-in-love-instantly and their MVs are interesting even when they’re doing nothing. This track has one of the best arrangements I have heard recently. I thought the chorus effed me up but when that last pre-chorus came up, I nearly died! Don’t sleep on DAY6!!!

La di da di-Cross Gene

I’ve been meaning to go on a Cross Gene marathon but I’ve been putting it off. I guess this is the nudge I needed 😀 Woohoo!! I loved their attitude and the choreography was so smart. The flips and head stands were highlighted for most of the duration by keeping the main choreo subtle. Then at the last chorus everyone was turnt! That was some cool funky choreo ❤ Great dance number!


I like breakup/ regret songs and BIG BANG do them so well. I loved vocal-based songs and this one had a nice sing-along chorus. If someone asked me who my favorite member was (though I’m not a VIP) I’d say Daesung. His vocals are so lovely whether they’re high or low tones ❤ Besides, I’ve a thing for sunshines 🙂

Note: I just realized that Jungkook also did a cover so if you’re an ARMY you might want to check it out here.


Are good old English lyric videos not in fashion anymore? 😀 Thumbs up for the FMV though. Very cute 🙂 I have actually listened to this entire album and watched both MVs (Whisper and Beautiful Liar) but I wasn’t paying much attention then. I like the theme of the song. The main focus of break up songs is often on the ex but this one was more about growing up and loving yourself. I love the sound of this unit. The highlight for me is the contrast between Ravi’s and Leo’s vocals. Opposites that create a fantastic mix ❤

Precious Love-TWICE

There are many Twice title songs that I love but somehow their non-title tracks haven’t been my thing. Precious Love is pleasant enough with a somewhat old school feel. I can see it doing well in other Asian countries too. JYP has managed Twice well from a business point of view but I have yet to hear something that’s a true representation of who the girls are as artists. I hope they get more freedom of creativity and show us more of their own style in the near future. I have high hopes for their comeback 🙂


Love..love…loved it! This is a refreshingly honest song that explores a different sort of confession. The composition went very nicely with the beat and the vocals are smooth. It’s about a man asking a woman why she likes him even though he’s not as nice as she assumes and doesn’t see her as a woman. How many men actually say things like that? Someone make a drama out of this! If you know a plot like this it’ll be even better. Let me know 😀


I’ve never heard a SHINee song I didn’t like. That’s saying something who’s as picky as me. Can we take a moment to appreciate their costume designer? ❤ I lowkey want to steal Minho’s outfit. What an awesome stage! God Bless the camera team for those close-ups of Key. Picasso was like a mixture of every SHINee song ever so obviously it had to be fantastic..elastic..elastic..elastic..


TODAY IS THE DAY PEOPLE! I FINALLY LIKE A GFRIEND SONG! I always liked their vocals and choreo but their music is not my style and I get impatient with it. This is the first time I enjoyed listening to an entire song though I do like some of their choruses when I come across them in compilations. Rough is like anime OST. It’s pretty? I don’t know how to describe it. I like Gfriend’s music production. If you don’t like Gfriend’s music usually try this one 🙂

Okay, people! That wraps up this week’s music recommendations. See you next week with more fresh music. I hope you found a new jam 🙂


Disclaimer: None of the media used here belong to me. CTO. 



2 thoughts on “Weekly Music Recommendations Review: Kpop Edition-Episode 1

  1. HEYYY! Okay, so the lead vocals on the Dear Cloud song are Na In’s and her voice is BRILLIANT! Also, the actor in the video is Kim Jae Wook, who is an A class actor, despite having appeared in very limited productions. I suggest you watch shows like Coffee Prince, Mary Stayed Out All Night, Inspiring Generation! I still have to watch Voice and he will be coming in Temperature of Love also.

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