ASTRO Member Introduction

ASTRO is under Fantagio Entertainment and debuted on 23 February, 2016.

Credit: Fantagio Ent.

Fandom: AROHA (AstrO Hearts All fans. Also love in Maori)

Colors: Vivid Plum & Space Violet


Credit: Fantagio Ent.


Meet the Members


jinjin baby
-ASTRO’s leader
-Hyung line
-Deep rapping voice
-Plays the drums
-Angelic Smile
-Warm & caring
-Funny & playful
-Loves dogs
-Shortest member (5′ 8”)
-Always last to get ready or arrive because he’s slow


astro MJ

-Real name: Myung Jun
-Main Vocal
-Has a thin but powerful voice
-ASTRO’s Smile Engine
-Infectious bright smile
-Happy Virus
-Most hyper member! That’s saying something because we are talking about ASTRO here
-Most energetic member even more than Rocky who has great stamina being the Main Dancer
-Even when everyone’s burned out MJ is bouncing around and the others find it annoying 
-Loudest member
-Always making jokes that often makes members cringe
-Loves making others laugh
-Babies love him because of his bright cheerful aura



-ASTRO’s Hyung Line
-Acting major
-Plays the piano, guitar AND violin!
-Likes to be a DJ
-Good MC
-Better English skills among members
-Always asked to dance to EXID’s Up Down and he loves it 
-Cast as MJ in KBS 2TV’s drama Best Hit
-Very easy going so members love to tease him. They think he’s a really easy guy

Inside joke: “Wanna go together?”
In ASTRO’s super lame Show Champion Fan Attack, Eunwoo script read, “Noona, wanna go together?”
MJ and Sanha found it so funny that they bring it up every time it fits in a situation just to embarass Eunwoo. Yes, they’re brats 

MOONBIN (My bias)

astro moonbin
-Plays the piano
-Physically strong and plays water sports
-Binnie is a common nickname and he’s known as ASTRO’s Puppycat because he looks like a puppy usually and like a cat when he smiles
-Child model and actor (Boys over Flowers)
-Childhood friends include actor Kang Chanhee, iKON’s Chanwoo and GFriend’s SinB
-Has a habit of stress eating so you’ll often see him eating backstage

ROCKY (My biaswrecker)

astro rocky

-Real name: Minhyuk
-ASTRO’s Dancing Machine and reliable rock  (I didn’t make that up). We all know he’s called Rocky because he has rock solid muscles 
-Main dancer
-He also choreographs routines. He made the choreo for ASTRO’s Fireworks and “Wake up Call
-Specialty is contemporary dance. His lines are gorgeous. He dances from head to toe
-Famous for his fast precise 360 degree spins you may spot in title song choreos
-Loves dancing for AROHAs. Once he began a Vlive to show how he choreographed routines. He danced non-stop for like an hour just because of the songs AROHAs asked him to dance to and he also added their suggestions in his choreo
-He has a chic sexy stage image
-Taekwondo black belt
-Likes to cook so his nickname is Chef Minhyuk


Sanha Baby
-ASTRO’S Maknae (Born in 2000)
-Plays the guitar
-Flexible body
-Shamelessly goes on about his cuteness
-Looks super cute but can pull off manly concepts easily
-Loves to tease his hyungs especially Jinjin and MJ leading to Jinjin being the most disrespected member despite being the leader :p
-Loves making fun of Jinjin’s height
-Scared of Moonbin for some reason, maybe because he’s tough and muscular, so he never dares tease him much
-Traditional evil maknae (
-In short, Sanha is only nice to AROHAs 


Extra Information

ASTRO is close to KNK since they debuted together, often have comebacks at the same time, appear on shows together and both consist of goof balls.

If you want to see ASTRO on reality shows, they have been on Weekly Idol three times:
Ep 256 (with other rookies)
Ep 279 (after their debut)
Ep 307 (During latest “Baby” comeback promotions)

After School Club appearances:
Ep 202
Ep 219

Do listen to their latest album Dream Part 1. It’s awesome. My favorite tracks besides the title track Baby are Because It’s You and You Smile. Read my full review of this album here.

Hope you enjoyed learning about them 


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