Monsta X Member Introduction

Monsta debuted in May, 2015 after the members were chosen through the reality show NO MERCY.


Fandom: Monbebe (My baby in French)



Meet the Members

SHOWNU (Stage name)

Shownu con

-Main dancer
-Takes part in choreo too
-Came in third in Hit the Stage 2016 (
-Back up dancer for Lee Hyori’s Bad Girls (
-Featured in SISTAR’s Shake It MV along with member Wonho at 0.04 time stamp (
-Lead vocalist (His cover of All of Me from NO MERCY:
-Eldest member
-Dad of Monsta X (
-Everyone thinks he’s like a big teddy bear. He’s tall and quiet but very warm inside. He dressed up as in a black bear onesie for Safari in Monbebe World as well (
-He was a JYPE trainee with GOT7 for 2 years before he switched to Starship Ent. so he’s close with GOT7 (
-The most obvious trait people notice is that he is awkward 😀
-People often compare him to a robot because he rarely gives an obvious reaction
-He’s a pretty brave person actually. You can see his Ghost Prank reaction (
-Shownu is a very generous and caring leader even going as far as sharing his earning from individual CFs with members 🙂

He’s an awesome talented guy so I hope you support him!


Hyungwon con

-Visual. Hyungwon is widely known because of his heavenly good looks. He is often called Manga Man.
-Main dancer along with Shownu and he choreographs too
NO MERCY collab MV: (
-He was a model pre-debut and also modeled at Seoul Fashion Week with member Minhyuk
Seoul Fashion Week: (
-Knowledgeable about various cultures since his parents work in a travelling agency
-Debuted as an actor in a Chinese drama “Good night teacher” and then in a Korean web drama “Please find her” along with a member of Apink’s Hayoung
Please Find Her: (
-He recently performed as DJ H.One at the “Ultra Korea 2017”
– His nick names are Chae Turtle and Chae Frog because he is too lazy and doesn’t wake up easily. He is also known as the Travelling Poet because he comes up with poems easily.
-He is the loudest member of Monsta X
-He is a legendary living 9GAG meme
Hyungwon being a meme: (
-He is also friends with J-Hope as they went to same music academy
-His favourite song is Lana Del Ray’s Young and Beautiful. His favorite colors are black and white
-His dream was to become a lawyer if he wasn’t an idol

Thank you Pakeeza Malik for all this information on Hyungwon ❤



Kihyun con

-Main Vocal
-Aspiring main rapper  This year, he and Jooheon made a unit, 2Chain, covering Crush’s You & I where Kihyun was the rapper and Jooheon (rapper) the vocalist. It is H.O.T so beware 
-Killing us with his moves these days though he’s not the main dancer. I thought he was really good in Beautiful, Stuck and Shine Forever choreos
Beautiful (
Shine Forever (
Stuck (
-Kihyun is great at the robot dance
-Monsta X’s Eomma Kihyun  He cooks, cleans and even wakes them up every morning. He’s a very loving and caring member even though he’s not the eldest. He nags the members a lot especially about cleaning.
-He takes part in composition and writing lyrics for Monsta X’s songs
-He can play the piano
-He has a good sense of smell and can tell the members apart from their unique scents
-He is our fluffy hamster 

-He has sung some beautiful OSTs
1. Attractive Woman from Orange Marmalade by Kihyun &
Jooheon (
2. One More Step from She was Pretty by Kihyun (
3. I’ve Got a Feeling from Suspicious Partner by Kihyun (

Note: I haven’t listed all of Monsta X’s OST credits here

-Notable Performances
1. Pillow by Soyou & Giriboy ft. Kihyun (
2. Hyeya by Jonghyun covered by Kihyun in NO MERCY (

Personal Note to Kihyun: I was really proud of my Monsta X bias list you know but you had had to go and scrunch your hamster nose and now it’s a mess 


Minhyuk con

-Sunshine of Monsta X
-Lots of energy
-Very playful and savage at times
-Likes to play director (Beautiful Acoustic ver. BTS on Vlive)
-Cute but sexy
-Great sense of humor

Minhyuk is a really friendly person and he always tries to cheer the members up no matter how he himself may feel. His positive energy and smile keep us all going 


Wonho con

-Dancer (My personal favorite dancer in Monsta X)
-In charge of “sexy” but is actually shy and innocent
-Loves to workout
-Is always eating something
-Loves to eat and then workout 
-Has the sense of wonder of a one year old
-King of Fan Service in Monsta X. Loves Monbebes a lot.
-Good actor

Wonho is very precious so everyone should protect him. He’s very childlike and sweet. A very hardworking idol, he’s more than just looks.

JOOHEON (My bias)

Jooheon con

-Rap Line
-Rap monster (no pun intended) on stage
MAMA 2015 (Monsta X & Seventeen collab. stage):
-You’ll find him to be an intense rapper who goes hard every time but my fav is the softer rap he did for Beautiful Acoustic ver.
-Good at English so you’ll often hear him mix English in his raps which writes himself
“You’re so awesome!”
“Excuse my charisma” 😛
-He’s actually a nice vocalist with a unique voice
White Girl:
2Chain You & I cover:
-His speaking, rapping and singing voices are really different from each other. To add to that, he also has an aegyo voice 😀
-Jooheon’s aegyo is famous!
-Don’t miss out on his girl group dancing…
-That being said, Jooheon is a really good dancer. He’s powerful and precise and totally steals your attention during performances…excuse his charisma 😉
-Nicknames: Jooheonie and Honey
-Idol friends include GOT7’s Jackson (They were in Celeb Bros together YAY! and Seventeen’s Hoshi, they often imitate each other.
I love seeing my biases interact 😀 Seventeen and Monsta X have a close bond and so do Monbebes and Carats (I’m both..Woopie!)
BTOB and Monsta X are also very close. I’ll be leaving those links at the end of this series. They are hilarious together.
-Jooheon’s mixtape with lots of f bombs kekeke
-Single with Hyorin and San E.
-As a trainee, he featured in Mad Clown’s track


-Jooheon is a very hard working person who works on every single aspect of his talents and personality to deliver the best to his audience
-He’s one of the best at aegyo but it does not come naturally to him. He initially taught it to himself because he thought he had an intimidating image especially because of this eyes so he wanted to soften his image for the fans. Recently, he said no more aegyo because he wanted us to think he’s sexy (he lost too much weight for that working on his body 😦 but lately Monbebes told him in person that they don’t want him to exercise more and he was very surprised. Hopefully, he will move towards a healtheir life style after being assured by Monbebes that they love him as he is)
-He comes off as a very confident person who makes everything look easy but he is quite vulnerable
-He’s super fluffy and cares a lot for his members especially our maknae and fellow rap line member, I.M. whom he’s very close
-Remember he’s soft and fluffy so protect him 🙂


Jooheon concept

– Maknae of Monsta X
-Rapper. He writes his own rap lyrics
-Sub-vocal (White Girl:
-Characteristic deep voice
-Looks older than his age (96’ liner)
-Since Monsta X was formed through the show NO MERCY, I.M. came in much later and others had a hard time accepting him but it all worked out in the end.
-Good English speaker as he lived for three years in Boston. He has been an MC for different music and entertainment shows
-The weird one in Monsta X, I.M. is very playful and always comes up with innovative ideas for everything. You can check out more of his personality in their Self-cam MVs, reality shows and variety shows which I will link at the end of this series.
Weird moments: (
-He’s a very intelligent, mature and considerate person. He originally planned to study science.
-He has a great sense of humor and likes to entertain his hyungs and Monbebes
-His awesome version of PPAP: (
-As sweet as he is, there’s no doubt about his savageness. He proudly carries the “Evil Maknae” title being savage to not just his hyungs but other idols too.
-Unlike most of his members, I.M is quite brave.
-He likes to bite Shownu’s arms but then again, most of their members do 😛
-I.M. is a pretty good actor too and his poker face is excellent.
-He has a close relationship with rap line’s Jooheon since he was the first one to connect with him during NO MERCY.
-I.M is eomma Kihyun’s little baby and helps him cook at times too. He can be a good boy.…sometimes 

I hope you grow to love him because there’s a lot to love about him. He is insecure about his vocals because he wasn’t trained to be a vocalist but he sounds great anyway. Show him lots of love 

Must Watch Monsta X Stuff

Monsta X-Ray S01 E04 with BTOB
-Weekly Idol
ASMR Beautiful

So, this concludes Monsta X series. Hope you enjoyed it and learned some things 

Disclaimer: All concept photos belong to Starship Ent. 


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