Seventeen Member Introduction

Seventeen debuted on 26 May, 2015 under Pledis Entertainment. They originally had 17 members pre-debut but when they finally debuted 13 members remained. 13 members+3 units+1 team=17.  Seventeen has 3 units: Hip hop, Vocal and Performance each with their own unit leaders.


Fandom: Carats (Their symbol is a diamond inspired by one of their first songs, Shining Diamond. The measure of carat increases the value of the diamond that is Seventeen. The more the Carats, the higher the value of Seventeen as they grow and prosper with time)

Colors: Rose quartz and Serenity

Lightstick: Bong

Meet the Members



-Leader of Seventeen
-Leader of the Hip hop unit
-He’s known as the dad obviously  He’s a very caring and excellent leader who makes sure the members share their troubles with each other keeping everyone happy and their teamwork strong.
-He’s a great rapper and writes his own rap lyrics
-You have heard him sing beautifully in Don’t Wanna Cry so needless to say he can sing well. In fact, all of Seventeen can sing and dance pretty well.
-He’s not the best dancer in Seventeen and the members tease him about it.
-His visuals are insane even barefaced. He looks exactly the same!
-He has very long eye lashes and can balance two matchsticks on top of them.
-He loves dogs a lot.
-S. Coups is the manliest and strongest out of the 13 members. Watch him beat BTS Jungkook in wrestling on The Boss is Watching here.

WOOZI (My Biaswrecker #1)

-Seventeen’s Vocal Unit leader
-Producer of most songs
-Lyricist of most songs
-Composer of most songs
-Basically lives in his studio
-Can play the drums, piano and guitar (A solo band on his own LOL. You can check out his drum skills in the ’97 liner I am a Flying Butterfly year end stage and Seventeen’s concert stage)
-Part of the Hyung Line
-Great freestyle dancer. Check out his moves here.
-Savage AF bordering on violent (He actually threatens members with his guitar). No one dares tease him  
-The shortest member, 5′ 5” and “fun-sized” according to him  (He’s only 0.5 inches taller than me DAWW!!)
-An awesome caring hyung to his donsaengs and a great chingu to his age fellows

My biaswrecker and to me the most impressive member even though SVT is mad talented 

HOSHI (My bias)



-Performance Unit leader
-Main choreographer of Seventeen
-Specializes in contemporary dance
-Taekwondo black belt
-Voted member with the most aegyo. His Three Set Aegyo is killer.
-Famous for his “Naega Hosh” pose since childhood
-Nickname is 10:10 because his eye smile makes a perfect 10:10 clock hand position
-Nails both sexy and cute concepts
-Voted most hard working member along with Woozi
-Loves imitating Jooheon of Monsta X 
-Part of Seventeen’s Gag Trio (Hoshi, Seungkwan & DK)
-He often drops asleep while sitting in a chair or car seat. The way to wake him up is to yell, “Hoshi fighting” and he jerks awake yelling, “Fighting!”

SEUNGKWAN (My biaswrecker #2)

Boo Al1 concept photo

-Vocal Unit
-Ranked #2 in vocals after Main Vocal DK
-Enjoys being MC and DJ
-Loves acting out situations like protecting “Jasmine” from the tsunami 😛
-Hates when members do aegyo especially DK, sometimes The8. (proof)
-Does vocal imitation especially of their CEO
-Part of SVT’s Gag Trio along with DK and Hoshi
-Has the most nicknames: Diva Boo, MC Boo. DJ Boo, Mr Mic
-Super sassy and totally fabulous hence Diva Boo also Booyonce
Great at girl group dances (Knows every girl group song under the sun)
-Loves being in the spotlight
-Loves freestyle rapping and rapping Vernon’s parts
-One of the most emotional members
-Has a close relationship with his mom whom he often misses since he’s from Jeju Island.
-Got an offer from JYPE before he joined Pledis


Credit: Dispatch

-Hip hop Unit
-Watch out for his deep voice ❤
-Quiet and calm
-Also called Sloth
-Voted cleanest member
-Emo since birth
-The other half of the Meanie Couple (Wonwoo & Mingyu)
-Looks cold but its warm-hearted



-Hip hop Unit
-Aspiring visual
-Tallest member
-Resident cook
-Tallest member
-Wants to try acting
-Loves styling members’ hair
-Resident handyman
-Incredibly sweet
-Mom material
-Mingyu can do everything!


-Hip Hop Unit
-Biracial (Korean dad & American mom. Hometown New York)
-Plays the guitar
-Memelord of SVT (since childhood)
-Appeared in Kids Explore Life show as a child (A source of several memes)
-Close friends with member Seungkwan
-Loves copying members’ singing especially Seungkwan’s lines and ad libs
-People say he looks like Leonardo Di Caprio

Inside jokes

Best Quality:
In 17 TV, He commented that Seungkwan had low quality English to which Seungkwan angrily countered that he was “best quality”.

Headlines Headlines:
He was a participant on Show Me the Money and did a not-so-good rap performance with these lyrics. It was pretty painful to hear but now he’s one of main rappers 🙂

His favorite Part of Seungkwan:
When asked by fans what his favorite part of Seungkwan was, Vernon brought him to the front of the stage, turned him around and smacked him right on the butt lol! You’ll find this in almost every compilation of SVT’s funny moments


Credit: Dispatch

-Performance unit
-China line
-A very charismatic performer #rudeAF
-Child actor in China
-Knows Kung Fu
-Plays the piano
-China Line released a song My I, in SVT’s latest album. Watch Jun & The8’s incredible performance video for My I. There also a Chinese version of My I. 


Credit: Dispatch

-Real name: Minghao
-His stage name is The8 because 8 is a lucky number is China and laid horizontal it creates the infinity symbol representing Minghao’s infinite potential
-China line
-Performance Unit
-Helps in choreography
-Tumbling (That move in Don’t Wanna Cry choreo ❤ )
-Martial arts (nunchucks display)
B-boy of the group


-Vocal Unit
-SVT’s Angel. His birthday is on October 4th (1004 in Korean is “Cheonsa” which means “Angel”)
-Angelic looks. Devil in disguise.
-Angelic voice
-Super savage
-Super caring
-Basically, he’s exactly like your typical mother
-Big cheater. Very manipulative.
-Super lazy
-Makes members do things for him all the time especially S. Coups
-His hair is famous. It has gotten shorter with each comeback though.
-The mom of the group

Inside Joke: Dino nugu aegi?
Jeonghan, the angelic prankster, started this himself,”Dino, nugu aegi?” (Dino, who’s baby are you?) Jeonghan says this will continue until Dino turns 30.


Joshua Al1

-Korean name: Jisoo
-Vocal Unit
-Has a beautiful soft voice
-SVT’s Gentleman
-Plays the guitar (performance) and it features in the weirdest places (proof)

-Joshua is NOT the normal one
-Very polite and gentle
-Members think he’s “easy”
-Born & raised in Los Angeles. Incidentally, Don’t Wanna Cry’s MV and Jacket shoot took place in Los Angeles too.
-Cooks and loves chicken

Inside Jokes:
His Korean name is Jisoo and his Christian name is Joshua. He’s almost angelic and “holy” so Carats use Jisoos instead of Jesus at times when they joke about Joshua. He even encourages it and dressed up as a priest for Halloween. Boy is a good sport 

Drink Water
During 17TV, Samuel was singing Pitbull’s Give Me Everything Tonight and there’s a line, “I might drink a little more than I should tonight”. Keeping up with his Jisoos image, Joshua went, “Drink water not alcohol” because Samuel was still a baby back then. (He’s still 15 so…yh)


Credit: Dispatch

-Main Vocal
-Vocal Unit
-Happy Virus
-Voted funniest member

-Part of Seventeen’s Gag Trio
-Our Sunshine ❤
-Sunniest smile
-High tone rap (
-Birthday twin with member Vernon


Credit: Dispatch

-Performance Unit
-Great dancer
-Little Giant of Seventeen
-Loves Michael Jackson
-Specializes in MJ dance
-Made choreo for Jam Jam
-He helps Hoshi in making choreo
-Cute but manly
-Bullied a lot by his hyungs (proof)
-Brave and strong

So, this wraps it up for the SVT Member Intro. series. I hope you learned something about them and recognize them better now 


Disclaimer: The images belong to Pledis Ent. unless stated otherwise


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