GOT7 Member Introduction

GOT7 is a seven member group under JYP Entertainment that debuted on 16th January, 2014 with the song Girls Girls Girls. The members come from South Korea, China, Thailand and the US with cultural and vocal diversity.

Credit: Soompi

Fandom Name: IGOT7 (Aghase)

Fandom Colors: Green and White





In 2012, JJProject debuted with Bounce
In 2017, they had a comeback with Tomorrow, Today

Some facts:
-Jinyoung was actually the rapper of JJProject
-Maknae Yugyeom is their biggest fan
-Monsta X’s Shownu was supposed to debut with them before he left JYP



Real name: Im Jaebum

-Leader of GOT7
-Dad of GOT7
-Composes as DefSoul (He composed their Oct 10 comeback song “You Are” as well)
-Former B-Boy
-Chic & Sexy (stage image)
-Fluffy Jaebum (real personality)
Jellybum (Hard to explain)
-Easily riled up
-The members love to tease him especially Bambam who has a death wish
-Loves to eat
-Lead of Dream High 2
-Watch Dream Knights at your own risk (Cringe & fetus GOT7 alert)
-The chin thing when he’s supposed to act tough and angry
-He has 3 cats and counting. Nora’s was his first cat. Now has Kanta a black one and Odd with different eye colors
-He loves to read



Full name: Park Jinyoung
-Former stage name was Junior (Never call him that unless you want to die)
Here’s a helpful reminder
Mom of GOT7 
The Awkward One
-Fluffy and soft #peach
Super savage
-Arch nemesis is Maknae Yugyeom (Tom & Jerry)
-Best actor in GOT7 Starred in dramas:
Legend of the Blue Sea
Dream Knights
Dream High 2
My love Eundong
When a man loves
-He loves reading



Full name: Mark Tuan

Martial arts tricking #FlyingMember
-Hometown: Los Angeles
-Ethnicity: Taiwanese
-Youngest in his family
Savage AF
-Prone to fits of jealousy
-The quietest member who keeps telling members to be quiet
-Actually a three year old #pettyAF
-Never ending feud with Bambam
-Cutest smile you’ll ever see
-Mark and Jackson did a few episodes of the Markson Show on After School Club



Full name: Jackson Wang
-Fake maknae
Martial arts tricking 
-Former fencer for Junior Olympics representing Hong Kong
-Hometown: Hong Kong
-Nickname: Wang Puppy
-Knows everybody and is BFFs with everyone. Besides JYP family, he’s close with Monsta X’s Jooheon (Celeb Bros) and BTS’s Rap Monster #socialbutterfly
-Easily scared. Hates rollercoasters #jinyoungah
-He’s also scared of JB’s anger and disapproval
-Has the best body in GOT7 and don’t you forget it
-Loves taking his clothes off to show off his body every chance he gets
-Loves his mom dearly and misses her a lot
-Very precious, soft and fluffy
-Loves hearing people tell him he’s handsome
-Super hard working. He promotes GOT7 a lot in variety shows
-King of variety shows
-His vocals will surprise you
-He just made his solo debut with Papillon



Full name: Choi Youngjae
-Main vocal
-Writes songs under the name, Ars. Check out his SoundCloud account. He wrote Rewind,  Sign and Moon U (from 7 for 7) for GOT7.
-He recently released a song with his long time idol, Elliot Yamin, called Victim of Love. It’s beautiful. Go bless your ears.
King of Mask Singer
-Hits people hard when he’s laughing
-Loudest member of GOT7
Hates cucumbers more than anyone ever
-Co-parent of a cute dog, Coco, with Mark. He took Coco with him when he left the dorm to live with his brother in Seoul.



Full name: Kunpimook Bhuwakul
-Ethnicity: Thai
-Moved to Seoul alone when he was 13 years old
-He just debuted as a producer. He produced GOT7’s title track for their album (7 for 7) called “You Are”.
-Second youngest
-Best friends with maknae Yugyeom
-King of trends (dabbing, nae name it)
Dab King 
-Always surfing the internet for trends and stalking his fans (He knows all the YouTubers and even called Steven Dang his bias recently when Steven made a GOT7 animation)
-Most fashionable member of GOT7
-Loves dancing to girl group songs
-Fan service king of GOT7
-Loves imitating JB because he has a death wish
-Pretends he can’t sing by goofing off but he can actually sing quite well.



Full name: Kim Yugyeom
-Main Dancer (Specializes in street dancing)
-Nickname: Hit the Stage (Because he won the show. Check out his moves here). Brownie (Because he’s a huge Chris Brown fan and he even followed him back on Instagram)
-Always makes fun of his hyungs and bullies Jinyoung (his GOT7 mom)
-The typical evil maknae spoiled rotten by Aghases 😀
-Looks mature but he’s super squishy
-His best friend in the industry besides Bambam is BTS’s Jungkook (They’re literally twins)


Thank you Ayesha, Mahnoor and Shameen for contributing in the information 


Disclaimer: All images belong to JYPE unless otherwise stated.



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