Pentagon Demo-01 Album Review

Hi! There have been many amazing comebacks last month and so many more are slated for October. It’s not easy to keep track and underrated artists often get overshadowed by popular ones. I remember liking Pentagon’s last comeback, Critical Beauty, and then being impressed by the performances of Hui and E’Dawn in Triple H. I was late to the party with “Like This” in September but here I am, nonetheless, blown away once again.

So, today I’ll be reviewing Pentagon’s September 2017 album, Demo-01. Believe it or not, these rookies have composed this album themselves. Once you hear their songs, you’ll understand why this is a much bigger achievement than you now think. Let’s have a short member introduction first, shall we?

Pentagon Member Introduction


Leader. Main Vocalist. Dancer.


Main Vocalist




Rapper. Vocalist. Dancer.






Visual. Vocalist.


Rapper. Vocalist. Japanese descent.


Main dancer. Vocalist. Face of the Group.


Rapper. Vocalist. Maknae.


Demo-01 Songs

1. Like This (Title Track)

The message of this song is so simple and straightforward. It’s a confession of depression, a cry for help and a promise to break free of the darkness. The idea and execution of this song and MV is beautiful. From dimly lit interior to bright sunny meadows, it’s an enlightening journey the boys take you on. The lyrics are no-nonsense but not crude. The composition is by leader Hui and Flow Blow. The boys have put together the lyrics themselves. I LOVED the arrangement and production of this song. The highlight for me is the special pre-chorus at 2:50. It’s glorious and just changes the whole game. This is one song everyone can relate to and it will certainly strike a chord with those familiar with depression. I can’t not talk about their comeback stage of Like This. The choreo flows so smoothly and they’re all wonderfully in sync.


2. It’s Over

I love a breakup song which doesn’t have you drowning in sorrow. It’s Over has just the right composition to keep your mood on the level the artist wants. The repetition isn’t annoying rather it slowly turns addictive. The credit goes to Kino for writing this mid-tempo lovely breakup song. Together with his members, he created an intriguing story with the lyrics. The song is about a guy who has realized that his heart is no longer into the relationship he’s in although his partner loves him. He feels like he’s being unfair and wants to call it quits. The ad libs are really nice near the end and make you wish the song was longer.

3. Just Until Today

“Oneulkkajiman” is also about a relationship gone sour but it’s pretty much the opposite of It’s Over. The music is certainly more upbeat. It sounds like something that might play in a club. Pretty electronic but it doesn’t lack emotion in any way. Pentagon definitely has some gorgeous vocals. Each one lovelier than the last. Jinho composed this track with Ferdy and some of the members worked on the lyrics together with him. Essentially, a guy knows he’s screwed up and regrets his mistakes. He begs his partner to give one last chance (just until today) for the sake of the good memories they made in the past.

4. Cool Rap

As the name states, this is cool rap 😀 This is one of those I-don’t-care-I’m-so-swag songs which suits this trio pretty well. You’ll have realized by now that Pentagon’s rappers are no joke. E-Dawn is a musical genius, an awesome rapper and a fantastic performer and I’m actually leaving out his ethereal visuals for now. Wooseok is one illegal maknae! How does that deep-voiced insolent rapper come out of that fluffy little thing? Yuto is just plain rude. If you don’t find his rap sexy I don’t know what planet you’re from. E’Dawn, Yuto and Wooseok composed this track and wrote the lyrics for it. The arrangement is by E’Dawn, who has actually participated in writing lyrics for most of the songs of this album, and may I just say, it’s perfect. The placement of this track is also fitting. Just in time to get you hyped up for the song.

5. When I Was in Love

Okay, so what’s up with these boys always failing at love? 😛 This song belongs to the amazing vocalists of Pentagon. Lovely harmonies and eargasmic falsettos ❤ The composition is by Hui and the boys wrote the lyrics together with him. Another story of failed love though a bit more complicated than the others. It’s an expectations vs. reality or before and after concept. It is beautiful. The rap adds to the storytelling and the rappers sing too.


Overall, this album gets a 10/10 from me. Pentagon deserves more love and attention so don’t forget to listen to this album 🙂 Till next time, see you!


P.S. Can someone explain how Yeo One is NOT the Visual?


Disclaimer: All images are owned by CUBE Ent.


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