GOT7 7 for 7 Album Review

Hey guys! GOT7 is back after 7 months with their new album 7 for 7 which has a lot more of the boys’ personal compositions, lyrics and production. They have gotten even more mature and you’ll definitely sense a different style. If you’ve heard previous compositions by DefSoul (JB) and Ars (Youngjae), you’ll find their signatures over this album not to mention Bambam debuted as a producer!

I’ve already done a detailed member introduction of GOT7 from a fan’s point of view so check it out here 🙂


7 for 7 Songs


1. Moon U

Youngjae has taken part in the composition and he wrote the lyrics along with Bambam. Younjae’s compositions have this lazy smooth modern vibe to them that makes you sit up and pay attention. He also composed Sign from their previous album (Flight Log Arrival) which is one of GOT7’s best tracks in my opinion. Moon U is a song about falling in love and it will make you fall in love with GOT7’s vocal line. Halfway though you might be surprised by an unfamiliar voice. That’s Jackson Wang sounding practically unrecognizable! His voice matched Moon U perfectly. Yugyeom is one of those unstoppable maknaes who just keep impressing you more and more every comeback. Loved it!

2. Teenager

I think this is the only song in 7 for 7 which will remind you of older GOT7 songs. It’s straight up rude and rap line owns the chorus. JB’s compositions are always enjoyable but I don’t think I’ve heard them used quite this way before. This is one for dabbing along to so make sure you’re arms are all warmed up. As for the vocals, let’s just say, “JBBBBBBB……you’re driving me crazyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!”

3. You Are (Title Track)

This is nothing like GOT7’s previous title tracks because there’s no JYP and Earattack in it. You’ll probably sense some JJProject in it though. This entire album is a lot more like JJProject than older GOT7 releases. Electronic is the main theme as is the current Kpop trend BUT you’ll see what GOT7 is really about in this album. You Are is a pretty good representative of this album. JB participated in composition and lyrics while Bambam produced it.

The MV has been shot in South Korea, Hong Kong and LA which happen to be the hometowns of GOT7 as well. The cinematography is lovely and the choreography reflects the emotions of the song well. The lyrics are about the anchors in out lives; our friends and families. They keep us going when things get tough. For GOT7, it is the seven of them. I like the analogy of the clear cloudless sky JB used to express how that person makes him feel. It’s a sweet theme throughout the lyrics. The vocals and rap blends nicely and this album actually feels very cohesive. Also, that smile Youngjae. Thanks for giving noona a heart attack!

4. Firework

MY FAVORITE SONG FROM THIS ALBUM! If I could recommend one song from GOT7 this would be it. You can totally tell that this song has been composed and written by Jinyoung. Distract and Secret Weapon helped him write it. He wanted a completely vocal-based song and the result is absolutely beautiful ❤ Rap line sounds incredible. I know they’ve all sung before but still. Mark opens the song, Bambam adds his story and Jackson just kills you with his lines. His lines are my favorite lyrics in this track. The pre-chorus feels like a punch to your gut and Jinyoung comes in to finish the chorus with his “higher” plunging into your soul. The song is about believing in yourself and working for your dreams no matter what “Cause you’re like a firework”. These soft vocals suit them so much. Aghases don’t listen to it without a tissue box nearby.

5. Remember You

Let’s give it up for Bambam, people! He took part in writing lyrics and composition. Although this song is modern, it has a sincere organic touch. This is the lowest I’ve heard them all sing. It only made them sound even more mature and the rare higher parts even better. The only rap here is by Mark. Jackson and Bambam sound just perfect in this song as vocalists. Again, Jackson’s part was my favorite. The lyrics tell the story of a man who regrets breaking up with the one he loved even after he moved on. He wonders if the other person is also in pain like him.

6. To Me (Nae ge)

This is the most interesting composition for me in this album. The lyrics were written by Yugyeom and he composed it along with Effn. This is the fastest composition but it’s not an upbeat song. It sounds like something that might have been all about rap but the vocalists have done a great job. It’s is filled with the emotional tension of a relationship gone sour but I don’t think it’s about a typical romantic relationship. It seems like the boys are talking about the events of the past few months. They’ve been pretty tough on GOT7 and Aghases. “To Me” is literally the perspective of the writer which was never given attention as people made their own assumptions and drew false conclusions. This is like their side of the story. A must-listen for anyone who wants to see the versatility of GOT7.

7. Face

When I heard JB singing the chorus of Face in the 7 for 7 highlight, I died. I believe rap line has written the lyrics for their rap. Collapsedone and Mayu Wakisada have handled the composition beautifully. The bridge and chorus are pretty high and showcase vocal line’s talent. Then we have Mark, Bambam and Jackson adding contrast with their soft rap. Again, Jackson’s rap sounds very different from his usual powerful rap in GOT7’s hype tracks. I totally dig it! He really shined in this album. My favorite part was Yugyeom starting the final stanza.


So, overall 7 for 7 is an amazing offering from GOT7 filled with their own compositions and stories. If you haven’t enjoyed their previous albums do try this one because it’s really different from them. I thoroughly enjoyed 7 for 7. It’s a 10/10 for me 🙂

Thanks for reading ❤ Tell me your thoughts in the comments below. Until next time, see you later!










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