NU’EST W W. HERE Album Review

Hi! NU’EST is finally back but since Minhyun is currently promoting with Wanna One, they have come back as NU’EST W. The tag line is “Still Missing but We’re Here” (for Minhyun of course). NU’EST debuted at my personal favorite music era so I really like their music. Like most artists these days, they have experimented with the electronic trend but their originality and signature is still there. Let’s get started with the review right away.

L to R, T to B: JR, Aron, Baekho and Ren (Credit: Kpopstardaily)

W. HERE Songs

1. Just One Day (Haruman)

The album opens with Just One Day which has been co-composed by Baekho and he’s participated in writing the lyrics too. This is the only group song besides the title track in this album. I liked how Bumzu has arranged it to tell the story of the lyrics. The composition is lovely going up and down at just the right points. Baekho knows his members well obviously. He makes everyone shine. Ren and Aron did a great job at vocals throughout and Ren finished it off beautifully. The progression to the chorus is really nice. NU’EST certainly know how to express the emotions behind a story.

2. Where You At (Title Track)

I was shook the first time I watched it and I was shook every time I watch it again after that. Where You At is absolute perfection whether you talk about concept, vocals, rap, composition, production, choreography or whatever. The only thing that would make it the best release of the year for me would be if Minhyun were a part of it. The quality of this comeback is stunning! The MV is captivating, meaningful, directed beautifully and the boys look gorgeous ❤ I’m very weak at theories so please bear with me. Where You At reminded me of Goodbye because NU’EST tells such a personal story through it too and it’s also revolves around their present. They’ve come back after a long time and their struggle has been heartbreaking. I think they are looking for themselves in this MV. There is not one but two of each member especially in their rooms. The butterflies (a different color for each member) seem to guide them to who they have become now I feel. In Ren’s case, there’s an actual person (how can I miss the feminine attire?) besides the red butterfly (and red car). They start from their bedrooms and end up in new places confused about what or rather who they find there. It’s not just a beautiful song it’s also easy to relate to it especially for the youth.

Let’s talk about their comeback stage now. I’m glad they didn’t choose to attract attention with flashy moves. Instead, they used their dancers to help tell the story and their choreo was meant to flow with composition creating the right atmosphere for this track. Well done!

3. Paradise (Ren’s Solo)

I’ve always loved Ren’s vocals. This is a heavenly song for our ethereal angel ❤ It has a really beautiful vibe and just perfect for Ren’s  sweet yet powerful vocals. Ren wrote the lyrics along with Bumzu. The lyrics talk about those special people in our lives who make everything  okay even if they’re far or life seems cruel. I was skeptical when I looked at the number of people who composed this song but the flow is great. Nothing seems out of place.

4. Good Love (Aron’s Solo)

Baekho co-composed Good Love while he and Aron participated in writing the lyrics for it. It’s modern. edgy and funky compared to what I’ve heard from NU’EST before. It’s upbeat and makes you want to sing along. However, I don’t think it’s for everyone. People might find the reptition of lyrics tiresome or think that it lacks flow. I don’t think that. I think it’s a cool mood maker.

5. With (JR’s Solo)

This one was a surprise for me. I heard JR rap the opening, without music of course, on their MNet Special but the rest of the song was unexpectedly beautiful. The theme is similar to Ren’s solo but more about being there for the other person; the one who lend you a shoulder to cry on and now needs the same. It ‘s about the best that’s yet to come and the hope for a beautiful future, together. With is a pretty emotionally charged song and you can’t help but get sucked into it. I know most Kpoppers feel that there aren’t a lot of “serious rappers” or rappers with good technique (rapping has no technique as such unlike vocals btw) but there is plenty of talent like JR. I hope that people will come to see what an amazing rapper he is through With. He also helped write the lyrics for this track.

6. Happy Until Now (Baekho’s Solo)

Hello, PD-nim!!! Yeah, you missed out on a fantastic OST! So, the first time I “experienced” the miracle that is Baekho, I was like, “OMG! That voice! OMG! That smile! Who is he? Who is he?” Coming back to the song, I’ve heard that Happy Until Now is dedicated to his father who passed away a few months ago. You might be thinking it’s a sad song but it’s not. It’s about all the beautiful memories you made with a loved one whom you’ve never taken for granted. BUT if you don’t burst into tears at some point, you’ve got a heart of stone. Baekho’s angelic vocals and those violins with that soul shredding composition. It’s beautiful!

Let’s appreciate our very own musical genius, Woozi of Seventeen, who wrote the lyrics of this song and also contributed to its composition. Appreciate this beautiful ship ❤ I’m really proud as a Carat and hope there will be more collaborations in the future.


Overall, NU’EST is back with a bang! Everyone complained about them being underrated even on Produce 101 so don’t forget to support them. This album is pure gold and I’m so proud of them for pouring their hearts into it for us. NU’EST fighting! LOVEs fighting! Fingers crossed for their first win.


2 thoughts on “NU’EST W W. HERE Album Review

  1. I loved this album. My favorite besides the title track (which was a perfect choice for a title track btw) were Ren’s solo and Haruman.
    I’m really glad they had a successful comeback. ❤❤❤ I’m really so proud of them.

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