KDrama Let’s Fight Ghost Review

Hello! Today, I’m going to share my thoughts on Let’s Fight Ghost (Bring It On Ghost) which aired last year. I decided to watch it a couple of weeks ago because Taecyeon from 2PM is the lead and talked about it in an interview.  I enjoy fantasy and paranormal more than any other other genre so I was excited about this one. It actually does have an element of horror but it’s not super scary. There’s action, romance and drama too. So it’s a nice little mix of genres.

Credit: Dramafever


Can I just start by saying that AsianWiki has the worst plot summaries? Literally every drama I’ve watched after reading its AsianWiki page turned out to be totally different from it. So, the same thing happened with Let’s Fight Ghost.

The story is about Park Bong Pal (Ok Taecyeon), an introverted university student, who only has two people in the world. The one he’s actually close to is a monk (Monk Myung Chul played by Kim Sang Ho) who has looked out for him since childhood. His real father does not live with him. Instead, he’s been on a personal mission since Bong Pal’s mother died in his childhood. Bong Pal feels abandoned by his father and even refuses to read any of the letters his father regularly mails to him. Monk Myung Chul used to be a famous exorcist but now he can barely get through funeral prayers.

Bong Pal grew up with serious trauma due to an encounter with an evil spirit as a boy. Although Monk Myung Chul was able to expel the evil spirit from the boy’s body, Bong Pal was left with the ability to see and touch ghosts.  Evil ghosts haunted and harassed him since that day. When he grew strong enough, he became an exorcist which Monk Myung Chul greatly discouraged. Exorcism paid well. Bong Pal wanted to get an eye surgery to return his sight to normal so he didn’t listen to Monk Myung Chul.

The drama really kicks off with a ridiculous live broadcast by two students from Bong Pal’s university.  Chun Sang (played by Kang Ki Young) and In Rang (played by David Lee) are best friends who dream of becoming rich and keep trying new ideas to make a quick buck. Their latest venture to gain fame is a paranormal reality show where they visit places rumored to be haunted. They pick a girl’s high school as their first location. This is where the main cast meets. The scared nerds run around screaming when faced with ghosts while Bong Pal receives a call to exorcise a ghost at the same place.  He arrives to find the ghost of a high school girl (Kim Hyun Ji played by Kim So Hyun) who had made the call to lure him there. They fight like animals and the ghost kicks his butt. Meanwhile, the real threat emerges in the form of an evil ghost. He was a pervert who snuck into the girl’s high school and died there accidentally. Bong Pal and Hyun Ji join forces to get rid of the ghostly pervert surprised to discover that they make a good team. Chun Sang and In Rang witness Bong Pal fighting an invisible ghost and think they’ve found the hen who lays golden eggs.  The next day, they bring a business proposal for an exorcism agency to Bong Pal who laughs it off.

Meanwhile, we learn that Hyun Ji has no recollection of her life before becoming a ghost and only knows her name because of the badge on her high school uniform. She has been searching for her identity in high school records. Hyun Ji stalks Bong Pal because she has a glimpse of her human life when they accidentally kissed during their first fight. Eventually, Bong Pal and Hyun Ji join the exorcism agency of Chun Sang and In Rang. Together, they get rid of nasty ghosts and learn the horrifying truths about some of the ghosts they are asked to exorcise. As Bong Pal and Hyun Ji develop an unlikely friendship, dangerous threats surround them. It is revealed that the past is deeply connected to the present and that their lives might be more entangled than they had imagined.



Park Bong Pal


Bong Pal is the perfect boyfriend ❤ I was delighted to notice the similarities between this character and Taecyeon himself. In the beginning, Bong Pal seems like a very serious and unfriendly person. He takes his name out of group projects, rarely interacts with anyone and even eats alone. Slowly, we start to understand the reasons for his behavior. He really cannot afford to have friends. His relationship with his father is very strained. He cannot be honest with anyone. Bong Pal doesn’t expect people to accept him with his ability and part time job. He has a crush on one of his senior classmates but never approaches her. His childhood trauma has messed him up so bad that he has developed a serious prejudice against ghosts. He thinks they’re all evil and that there’s nothing human about him. In the opening scenes, he mentions that he doesn’t hit women. He says that he hits female ghosts who are not to be considered human.

Hyun Ji


For someone who has no memories of their human life, Hyun Ji certainly has a lot of personality 😀 She’s the typical Kdrama heroine in some ways. Kim Hyun Ji is a confused, frustrated, lonely ghost whose only friend is her Kyung Ja unnie. Kyung Ja is a flirtatious female ghost whose only purpose in the afterlife is to find her one true love. So, she goes around harassing any handsome young man she sees. When she isn’t moping about, Hyun Ji is actually pretty bright and bubbly. She loves food and one of her favorite things is to order Bang Pal to cook her some meat. She annoys him tagging along everywhere to kill her boredom. Although she has ulterior motives she does grow to care for him. She’s a reliable partner when Bong Pal needs help kicking some ghostly ass. She’s brave and has strong will power.

  Joo Hye Sung


A most convincing villain! Kwon Yool has done justice to this important character. Even with all the scary ghosts flying around, Hye Sung is the real threat. We see many different sides of Hye Sung in this drama but it’s revealed early on that his nice guy image is totally fake. Hye Sung is Bong Pal’s professor and runs an animal clinic besides being an active volunteer. He is a coldblooded killer and no one is safe from him once he decides to kill them. Sinister things keep happening around him but he always manages to avoid getting caught. He’s one step ahead of everyone probably because no one knows exactly who or what he is.



Romance is not the focus of Let’s Fight Ghost but I really enjoyed this couple. Like I said before, Bong Pal and Hyun Ji have a cat and dog fight the second they meet. Bong Pal has no qualms about hitting a woman because to him she’s just a ghost. Their relationship development is very nice during the course of this drama. It’s funny how Bong Pal refuses to interact with humans and ends up falling for a ghost. Hyun Ji is not the only ghost who helps get rid of his prejudice. Many of the ghosts they come across as an exorcism team are not evil at all. He discovers that he can truly empathize with these ghosts and changes his views completely. Hyun Ji and Bong Pal are both lonely for different reasons allowing them to bond in unexpected ways. They bicker like anything but they do enjoy each other’s company. The ghost and the lonely man become one another’s support and comfort. The don’t just fall in love like bam! Initially, Hyun Ji tries to set up Bong Pal with his crush. Since he’s one of the few people who can see her, she feels jealous when his attention is diverted. There is no shortage of mistrust and misunderstandings between them but their bond grows stronger with every hardship. Bong Pal makes Hyun Ji his priority against all reason because that’s how much she means to him. He’s protects her, cares for her needs and respects her wishes even though it  means serious heartbreak for him.




I have to mention this because people probably have different expectations for this duo. You might be thinking that In Rang and Chun Sang are the funny guys who offer cheap comedy. No, actually! They are funny no doubt but they are important to the plot especially as friends to Bong Pal the introvert. I enjoyed their bromance more than the romance in this drama. Chun Sang and In Rang are best friends who mess up together, get scared together, dream together and of course, stick together no matter what. As they point out in one scene, they really don’t have any other friends. They are the broke desperate losers at their university who cannot even afford to keep their club room.  Oh, and I forgot to mention the name of their exorcism agency. It’s Sundae Soup. Yeah, that should tell you a lot about their personalities 😀 Minor spoiler alert: In Rang catches a glimpse of Hyun Ji when he falls down the stairs and thinks that she’s an angel. He falls in love with her and is devastated to learn that she’s with Bong Pal. Those scenes are the most hilarious for me. I laugh every time In Rang cries about his unfulfilled love. Oh and of course, their business pitch is award-worthy 😀 These two are so random and funny. You can’t help but love them.


What to Look Forward to

Awesome Ghosts

Credit: Dramafever

I confess I am a scared-y cat. I did not think I could watch this drama because of the horror. I still haven’t watched Train to Busan because zombies scare me to death. Let’s Fight Ghost had it’s fair share of scary ghosts but they’re amazing! The actors, makeup artists, stylists and special effects team did a fabulous job.

Fantastic Direction

Credit: Dramafever

I love how the drama’s direction is perfect in every kind of scene. There is romance which makes you soft. There are action scenes where you need to look at a dozen things at the same time. There are some very emotional scenes which hit you straight in the gut. My favorite have to be the horror scenes though. The cameraman did great and they were thrilling.

Cool Action


The stunts during exorcisms are really cool! The ghosts take it up a notch making the action scenes very enjoyable. It isn’t all about conventional fighting though. Battling ghosts is anything but conventional 😀 There are rooftop and underwater fights too.

So Many Feels


You may have assumed that the romance touched me but that really wasn’t it 😀 Each exorcism has its own tragic story. The stories of the ghosts actually showed various kinds of abuse normalized in our society. In fact, the back story of the villain is also based on abuse. We also see Bong Pal suffer as a child at the hands of a merciless spirit. I’m not giving out any spoilers but there’s plenty of drama and emotion to look forward to.

Taecyeon #boyfriendgoals

This is self explanatory.

Credit: Dramafever

*sniffles in a corner*

So Hyun #cutetrickster


So Hyun plays her part well. Even though Hyun Ji seems immature and selfish at times, she’s resourceful and brave. I wish she was slightly less basic but she’s not terribly annoying if you’re wondering. She’s a good match for Bong Pal not to mention super pretty.


Final Thoughts

So far I’ve talked about the positive. That’s because there isn’t much negative about this drama. The only issues I’ve had is the writing at certain places. Sadly, these places were important to the plot and I was disappointed with how they were handled. There were particular revelations which were just squeezed into the main dialogue instead of creating proper scenes for them. There were also a significant turn in the romance which was left unexplained just like that. That’s the only reason I did not give Let’s Fight Ghost 5/5.

I liked how the writers took the time to wrap things up nicely and show us happy endings even for Kyung Ja unnie 😛 I was happy with how they concluded the villain’s story which wasn’t something I expected. A mix of old memories and new hopes was the perfect way to say goodbye 🙂


My Rating: 4/5  


See you next time!


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