Monsta X The Code Album Review

Hey! November was filled with comebacks leaving me with barely any time to listen or review albums. So, November comeback reviews will be more like mini reviews. I’ll start with Monsta X. MONSTA X HAD THEIR FIRST MUSIC SHOW WIN!

A full member introduction of these amazing men can be found in this post.


Now, on with the music which got them their first win J


Dramarama (Title track)

I think this is their best title track to date. I probably say this every comeback but it really is. They have had some stellar title tracks with intriguing MVs like All In, Shine Forever and Beautiful. It’s the start of a new era with this album series. The opening hit me like a freight truck! The MV is about time travel where members have been divided into pairs with their own storylines connected by one character, Hyungwon. The vocals, rap and choreo of Dramarama is incredible ❤


Now or Never

This song reminds me of Ready or Not. Monsta X often has these badass motivational tracks which a lot of people would enjoy. It gets you hyped up and makes you want to punch through walls to get to your dreams 😀


In Time

I was pleasantly surprised to hear a song like that was written by Jooheonie ❤ It shows a side of Monsta X most non-fans are not aware of. It connects nicely to their time travel concept of Dramarama. Did I mention that Hyungwon got lines? YAS!


From Zero

This was everyone’s favorite performance during Monsta X Beautiful World Tour. I actually did not watch it then. I thought it would destroy me lol! So I didn’t realize that this was actually a love song. It sounds lovely and shows you just how talented the composer is 😉 Go Wonho!



This was bound to happen sometime 😀 Monsta X has released X. Cute but funny. This song is about how a new fan sees Monsta X for the first time and falls headfirst into the black hole that is the Monbebe fandom. There really is no other way to describe it. It has some random stuff in it which surprisingly works!


Tropical Night

This is one of those songs where no one really knows what’s happening. It’s so funny to listen to but also highly entertaining 😀 I.M. legit sounds drunk in the opening verse and Hyungwon’s first few lines had me thinking this was going to be rated 19+ lol I expected it to have a lazy vibe which it did but then Jooheon came in like a bulldozer with his signature rap.


Déjà Vu

Seriously though, what is with the ominous and urgent vibe of this album? 😀 Why so serious? If I was to recommend one B side track out of this album, I would pick Déjà vu. It has a very interesting sound. Rap line owns it but I really like Shownu’s vocals near the end. It has a vague hypnotizing quality which keeps you enthralled till the end.


So, that’s it for my review of Monsta X’s The Code album. Show them some love people!



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