From.VICTON 4th Mini Album By VICTON Review

Hello! It’s been a long time 🙂 These past two months have been hectic and stressful but now I’ve got some time to talk about whats been going on in my world of music. There were so many November comebacks yet VICTON’s became my favorite. Curious? Let’s learn a bit about this promising rookie group.

Short Group Introduction

VICTON debuted in November, 2016 under Plan A Entertainment (APINK’s company). They have 7 members whom I will now introduce to you 🙂


94 liner. Leader. Rapper. Vocalist. Dancer. Dad *coughs* Abs


95 liner. Main vocalist. (My bias #1)



95 liner. Main dancer. Vocalist.



96 liner. Visual. Vocalist.



97 liner. Main rapper. Dancer (My bias #2)



97 liner. Vocalist.



99 liner. Maknae. Vocalist. Rapper. Sweetest squish ever ❤


My Story with VICTON

So, it all started one fateful day when I was watching a KNK fansign video by Seoulmates. Arianna loves going to VICTON fansigns with her friends (8 at last count) so I started watching them and totally fell for their cuteness. I checked out some of their songs and obviously, I had to stan them! VICTON is definitely the most versatile male rookie group out there based on sound and concepts. They’ve done sleek and powerful with What Time Is It Now? They’ve done cute with I’m Fine and Unbelievable. Their latest title track, Remember Me, is sad and mature.


From. VICTON Songs

1. Remember Me (Title Track)

This is one of my Top 5 from this year. It’s absolute perfection. The visuals, vocals, rap, styling, production…just everything! It makes me so proud to watch them grow musically and visually in front of my eyes ❤ This is VICTON’s mature side with little Subinie totally stealing the visual award this comeback. He looks so handsome and can I just say Hanse is wrecking himself like what even bias#2? Hanse made all his rap for this album himself too 🙂 Also, Chan in that modern Grim Reaper look bringing back those Goblin feels. The concept of the MV matches the song so well. Remember Me is a breakup song wishing to end things even when you love that person and hoping that they recall you fondly later on.

In case you didn’t know, Highlight’s Junhyung and BEAST’s producer Kim Tae joo (also KNK’s producer yes the very same), work together under the name Good Life. They’ve done an amazing job adding the old school nostalgic touch while keeping VICTON’s freshness. Highlight does my favorite music production so it’s no wonder this song is on repeat in my play list ❤ The lyrics are lovely. My favorite part is when it slows down.

Their comeback stage was so good! I love this choreo especially the chorus “remember me” and the repetition when Subin points at himself.


2. Because I Love You

This is a mid tempo witty love song which is great for a drive around town. It’s cute and fun. You might find the basic beat monotonous but there’s plenty going on in the composition which keeps things from becoming boring. The rap is such a mood lifter. I love Hanse and Seungwoo’s rap in this song.


3. Have a Good Night

I was expecting this to be a calm song because of the title but hey, that’s okay. I wish the music wasn’t so…heavy? I like the composition and the vocals so I wasn’t able to appreciate it the way I wanted to. It’s a good song nonetheless 🙂


4. Don’t Turn Back

I guess I got my wish with the next track. Don’t Turn Back starts off with acoustic guitar which reminded me of Eddy Kim’s Manuel and Justin Bieber’s Love Yourself for some reason. It becomes different after the first 1/3 though. Seungsik sounds angelic as always and surprisingly, everyone except Hanse sings. He’s the only one who raps. I wasn’t expecting Seungwoo to sing. He sounded so nice.


5. Timeline

This is my favorite song in this album after Remember Me. It’s a fan favorite I hear and obviously, there’s a good reason for it. This is a very pretty and nostalgic song. The buildup to the chorus is soft but it definitely helps make the chorus shine. Everyone sounds good and you can feel the emotion well.


6. Remember Me (Acoustic Version)

I’m so glad they included this beautiful acoustic version in the album ❤ I prefer the original because of the tension and urgency in it.


That’s all folks! This took so long to finish because the universe kept intervening. Well, I’m happy it finally came out. Do take a listen and let me know what you think of VICTON’s new album 🙂


Disclaimer: I don’t own any of the images or videos shared. Please support the artist by purchasing their original music. 


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