SF9 Knights of the Sun 3rd Mini Album Unboxing & Review

Hey! I became a Fantasy not long ago and decided to get SF9’s latest album. If you’re not familiar with SF9, they are FNC Entertainment’s first male idol group. they debuted in October 2016 and have 9 members. Let’s get to know them a bit before we get into the tracks 🙂


SF9 Member Introduction


Leader. Rapper. Dancer. 93 liner.


Rapper. Dancer. 96 liner.


Main vocalist. Dancer. 93 liner.


Rapper. Vocalist. Dancer. 99 liner.


Vocalist. Visual. Dancer. 96 liner.


Vocalist. Dancer. 94 liner.


Main dancer. Main vocalist. 97 liner.

Dawon (My bias)

Vocalist. Dancer. 95 liner. Possibly an alien.


Maknae. Main dancer. Rapper. Vocalist. 2000 baby.


SF9 Knights of the Sun Unboxing

This is such a pretty album seriously! It’s the prettiest album I own. I absolutely love how they took the concept of their title song, O Sole Mio, and used it for the album design. The material is such high quality. The hair, styling and makeup is all so on point. I got jealous of their wardrobe especially that blue shirt on Inseong. Zuho takes No.1 for me followed by Dawon. The location just made for an amazing photo shoot and MV. As you can see, I got Rowoon’s photo card. That childish cute sun he drew just made my day 😀 I got Chani’s transparent photo card. Once again, the design idea just made it 10x prettier.


SF9 Knights of the Sun Album Review

1. Poem

Many felt like Poem was an odd choice for the opening track but I quite enjoyed the narrative style and the mood of the song. Their voices sound quite good to hear and SF9’s rap line is meant to be appreciated.  Rap line wrote this song together and co-composed it.

2. O Sole Mio (Title)

Funny how the mixed up cultures but I did really enjoy the combination. The vibe of the MV and the song is just awesome. The aerial shots are good and the church is so beautiful ❤ My favorite part is Dawon starting the first bridge (extra AF) and Taeyang’s solo dance shot in the first chorus (he can’t be human). Zuho and Youngbin made the rap for this song.

3. Let’s Hangout (나랑 놀자)

So, after being burned by a lover who’s like the sun, SF9 invites you to play. The title is pretty self-explanatory. It’s an upbeat track tot get your weekend started. It’s a nice mix of vocals and rap. I like that it doesn’t go so hard like some party songs these days. Zuho made all the rap for this track.

4. Blank (빈칸)

Next, we have a slow song which is not quite as slow you might expect in the beginning. It’s one of those breakup songs that sounds oddly happy at times. We get to hear more from the vocalists here but Zuho, Youngbin and Hwiyoung made the rap for this song which fits in snugly.

5. Scold ( 에스에프나인 )

It wouldn’t be an album by SF9 album without a badass song. Scold is full of swag and almost like a diss track. I didn’t like a transition or two but overall it’s a good hype song. Rap line (Zuho, Youngbin, Hwiyoung and Chani) helped write the lyrics of this song.

6. Just on My Way (웬 감성팔이야)

My favorite song in this album after the title track. THIS SONG IS SUCH A MOOD! It’s got that old school vibe with a fun composition and relatable AF lyrics. What more could you ask for? Zuho, Youngbin and Hwiyoung made the rap for this track. So, Knights of the Sun ends on a high note with Just on My Way!


So, that’s all for this unboxing and review. Anticipate my next one. Hint: It’s another great male rookie group 🙂


Note: I don’t own any of the images used in this post. Full credits to the rightful owners.  


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