KNK Gravity Unboxing & Gravity Completed Album Review

Hello! KNK (pronounced K.N.K or Keunakeun) is my ultimate bias group and they haven’t been back in around 7 months 😦 I got their album Gravity which they released with their Sun Moon Star comeback. Shortly after, they released Gravity Completed with the title song Rain. I got the former because the boys decided to include their baby pictures in the official photocards. I got Youjin’s photocard!


cute KNK

KNK Short Introduction

They debuted with Knock under YNB Ent. on 3rd March, 2016. Their comebacks were Back Again, U, Sun Moon Star and Rain. Let’s meet the members.

Youjin aka Youjimochi (My bias)

Youjin Rain

Eldest. Composer. Lyricist. One of the main vocalists. They call him “Honey Vocals”. Hates skin ship. He was supposed to debut with BAP but he left. The maknae nicknamed him Youjimochi.


Seungjun Rain

Visual. Second eldest. Tallest. Fake maknae. Main rapper. Vocalist. Actor. He was supposed to debut with BTS. Ex-JYPE trainee. Social butterfly. Skin ship magnet.


Inseong Rain

The other main vocalist. He was supposed to debut with BTS along with Seungjun. Ex-FNC trainee. Loudest. Dad jokes. Loves skin ship. A bunny.

Jihun aka Kimchi (My biaswrecker)

Jihun Rain

Leader. Main dancer. Choreographer. He choreographed Sun Moon Star, Stay, Gone and their Mixnine group audition. Vocalist. Ex-Nega Network trainee. Aegyo king of KNK. A kitty. Seungjun calls him Kimchi because his full name Kim Jihun sounds like kimchi spoken fast.


Heejun Rain

Maknae. Rapper. Vocalist. Composer. Lyricist. Ex-FNC trainee. Plays the guitar. Jumps higher than my grades ever were. Wants to be KNK’s smol boy forever. Shortest. Cheats at every game. A frog.


KNK Gravity Unboxing

Knock, Back Again and U were all songs with fast prominent beats. The style concepts for them were stronger too. This celestial concept is divided into three photoshoots: Sun (black suits), Moon (white suits) and Star (casual clothing). They all look dashing ❤ My favorite concept was Star just because they look so soft. You get a sticker with drawings by the boys (ignore the scary Tinkerbell *sighs*). I love the grainy effect on the album cover and pages. The dot design that keeps popping up has their names next to the dots at one place. It’s like a constellation but I don’t know it has a specific meaning. If you watched the track list teaser, Youjin composed the tiny piece that played in the background.


KNK Gravity Completed Songs

Rain (title track)

This is a sad ballad about missing a loved one when it’s raining. It was released during the rainy season. The choreography is based around umbrellas and it’s awesome. Watch the live stage to see it in its full glory. There’s nothing I don’t love about Rain. It’s beautiful and calming. The MV has underwater shots to show them drowning. They look gorgeous and I’m so proud of them for taking on this challenge.

Good Night

The perfect lullaby! Good Night has been co-composed by Youjin and he wrote all the lyrics for it. The falsettos are really pretty and it’s so sweet.

Feel So Good

One of the few upbeat songs KNK has gifted us, Feel So Good is about the initial high when you fall in love. It has been co-composed by Heejun and he wrote all the lyrics for it. As always there has to be something dorky added so we have the “aayyy” to emphasize how good they really feel lol

Think About You

This is actually the intro of the Gravity album and it’s one of my favorites. It’s a chill song about crushing on someone but the composition is playful. Youjin sounds so lovely in it. I wish it was longer.

Love You

The Hangul title translates to “Very Pretty”. These words open up the chorus. I love when Inseong sings it. Jihun is indeed the ideal opener for such songs. My favorite part is the bridge by Seungjun. It’s sort of like a pre-proposal song.

Sun Moon Star

This is the title track for the album Gravity. Kim Tae Joo, KNK’s main composer, used to write songs for BEAST and he still works with Junhyung as Good Life. He wanted to make a song as a tribute to 12:30 and Ribbon. You will definitely sense similarities between these three songs but Sun Moon Star is marked with KNK’s signature. Check out this mash up of these three songs. Jihun making the choreography was the best idea. It’s an angst-y ballad about not being able to get over your ex but the dance is anything but easy.


That’s all for these albums! See you next time with more reviews and unboxings 🙂 Give lots of love to KNK please. They said they’ll be coming back this year.


Disclaimer: I only own the unboxing video and cover photo 🙂 Full CTO for the rest


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