Super Junior Lo Siento ft. Leslie Grace-Comeback Review/ Fangirling

Hey! Super Junior killed us all with Black Suit earlier this year and returned with a repackaged version to make sure we were really dead. I was busy these past few days but all of my free time was spent jamming to Lo Siento. I am not being a soft stan for once because first of all, Lo Siento is S.E.X.Y and H.O.T and S.I.N.F.U.L and secondly, SUJU is an oppa group for me (Ha!). This rarely happens to me because I am a 90 liner so it’s a momentous occasion children.


Lo Siento is a collaboration with a Latino singer, Leslie Grace. They had this cute little interview with her on the set of their MV and she’s such a sweetheart ❤ I’m ecstatic that Super Junior not only decided to go for the Latin vibe but also collaborate with an actual Latino artist.

Credit: SM Ent. Label SJ

You know the best part about Lo Siento? FREAKING JIWOO (MY BIAS) AND SOMIN FROM KARD WERE FEATURED IN SUJU’S LO SIENTO COMEBACK STAGES! I don’t know about you guys but SUJU is the ideal sunbae group in Kpop for me. They keep promoting other groups not just from SM but from small agencies too. They care about rookies and even pre-debut idols like KNK’s Seungjun (He mentioned SUJU treating KNK well at a gym and Donghae  promising to remember his name which he hid later when KNK acted as backup dancers for their sister group, Bestie). I’m sure everyone has seen the new SuperTV clips by now. They had a dance segment where each member was assigned a girl group to choreograph a short routine with. It was hilarious! Do watch it if you haven’t especially fans of Daler Mehndi 😉

The Music

Let’s talk about the song first.

SM always and I mean ALWAYS goes overboard with their experimentation so it’s rare that a song so perfectly balanced comes from SM (thank God for Label SJ!). Lo Siento is el perfecto comeback for SUJU at this time. Despacito (RIP those 5 billion views!) is still blaring from speakers at events. We’ve still got Kpop artists covering this song. The other day I watched a video of Top ranked songs and most of them were Spanish (Psy was there as the Kpop rep hehe). That’s how powerful this influence is right now in music. There’s no doubt that Lo Siento is a huge hit among international fans. SUJU even mentioned this being the intention for their choice this comeback. I am not sure how Koreans feel about this vibe because they don’t seem to enjoy KARD that much. I don’t know if they hate the idea of a co-ed group or if they dislike this genre. Maybe it’s a combination of both. More on how this effects SUJU later.

Okay, so Donghae should legit start collaborating with Arabic artists because his voice is the perfect fit for Arabic music in my opinion. Yesung should just ditch Kpop and move to Latin America because if he keeps singing like that, panties will rain from the sky with Spain having record precipitation whenever Yesung drops a solo. Can you tell how whipped I am for Yesung? It’s not even funny. SUJU was not playing this time, fam! Everyone sounds so sexy, mature and just the complete opposite of what they actually are aka gigantic dorks! It’s giving me whiplash! Shindong was so funny though. You could hear that eyebrow thing in his nananana ayyyy! Leetuk’s voice is so smooth and Siwon was all manly and deep and….oh I’m drooling *wipes mouth* Eunhyuk’s rap was awesome and Heechul delivered the final blow killing us “one by one”. That dance break though ❤ It reminded me of Lean On (which was replaced by Despacito coincidentally).

The MV

Onto the MV folks!

(Apologies for the crappy screen shots in advance. I spent all my limited bandwidth package on watching HQ Lo Siento and now I can’t stream videos in HQ for a few days) 


Time to bring out my inner thirsty hoe self!


The MV opens with Heechul playing the initial chords on an acoustic guitar as a total bombshell steps out of a car in front of him. I don’t know who this model is but she is hella hot. I’m guessing they kept Hessica isolated so the other girlies won’t feel insecure hehe. I am not sure why he’s all alone. Is he asexual? Did he lose that girl to the other guys? Was his solo schedule so packed that they couldn’t fit in the MV schedule?

Dope opening choreo bro ❤ It instantly gets you excited. It’s SUJU after all!


Terrible screen shot. I’m sorry Siwon but he totally attacked me out of nowhere and he’s just so mouthwatering. I kennot fam!

Boy be lookin’ dayum fine in his other set of clothes. I repeat, DAYUM FINE!


Eunhyuk reminds me of Taehyung from Boy in Luv MV I dunno why. He’s got his emo fuckboy thing going on while everyone else be feelin’ the Latin vibe. Like boo why? I LOVE his hair though ❤

OH MY GOD! WHY? Even my mother never wore that print Donghae and I’m brown! To add insult to injury, there had to be two of him in one shot! That Naruto meme going around…I approve lmao! I don’t know what Donghae did that day to piss off Stylist Noona but he better not do it again. My eyes!!! *brings out bleach* How did he even get laid looking like THAT?


Shindong out there getting his solo complementary color shot! Yes boy, you get that screen time! I don’t get the hoodie jacket thing though. Why are they trying to make him look like some high school jock sneaking out to meet his girlfriend?

Transformation from horny high school jock to refined gentleman Shindong drinking at the bar with a hottie? YAS ❤ ❤ ❤ That brow thing though…..why????

Yesung should be a cover model for those paranormal romances with dirty talking fallen angels 😉 This man is so fucking beautiful ❤ ❤ ❤ That bleached hair *sighs* I can’t believe I love that floral shirt on him so much. He pulled it off like no one’s business. Respect!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

How can anyone pull of that ugly shade of orange? HOW? And how is he looking so freaking beautiful just HOW? Science is at a loss children. The laws of aesthetics do not apply to unearthly beings like Leetuk ❤ *swoons* Leetuk can be so sexy when he wants to be. He just fools us the rest of the time with his broadcast act.


Apparently, Stylist Noona was in a better mood the next filming day so Donghae didn’t look like a train wreck. Infact, his gorgeous forehead was all I needed to make me forget (to some extent) the horror I had witnessed before.


Did I mention I want that black dress for my honeymoon?

Leslie Grace out there being an absolute queen and bringing out my inner lesbian ❤ She did so well! Not only did she keep up with their dancing but also had to tolerate these dorks for days! Her Spanish blended so nicely with their Korean. I loved it!



Sexually suggestive fruit and bed shots in case anyone forgot that this was a sexy concept. Sorry I missed the “squeezing berry” shot lmao


When everyone realized what happened OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!I loved this shot though hehehe


Zaalim nazron se yun na mujhko dekho marjaunga! Oh Jaan-e-jaana marjaunga!

Because it must be so hard to decide if a girl that hot deserves for you to still be there when the sun rises, right? Line lagi hai inke liye tou ji #cantrelate

What better way to wrap up a MV than the great Kim Heechul himself? Still alone but hey, at least he has his guitar. Maybe, he was just an observer at the motel they spent the night in?

I guess it’s pretty clear that the song is about a casual one night stand which is so different from the kind of love Kpop idols usually sing about. It was refreshing and honest not to mention ridiculously steamy! Those lyrics though!



Comeback Stages

This was my favorite one ❤ Yes, even though Eunhyuk’s outfit made me want to puke (reminded me of Amoxil syrup) I liked his hair. I am not sure why I didn’t like Siwon’s hair color. Maybe I am just used to dark haired Siwon. Jiwoo and Somin absolutely KILLED it! Somin’s gaze OMG! And her man-eater lipstick shade ❤ Jiwoo was so confident! I’m really proud of her ❤ Did you see how careful Leetuk was with both girls? He didn’t even care about the camera at those moments. The world doesn’t deserve an angel like Leetuk *sobs*

For once, there were no ghastly outfits and I think this was their first live stage during this promotion. I’ve heard that SM focuses on choreography during the first few stages and then they move on to live vocals. This seems to be the case here. They sounded great ❤

They did a small version with Heechul too. I wish they had fit him in the other stages but oh well.


In the interview I mentioned before, they said that they were preparing a special stage with Leslie. I don’t know if it’s out yet but it will be a real treat 🙂


My Rating: 5/5


Until next time, fan girl hard!


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