Welcome to Waikiki Kdrama Review

Hey all! There have been some refreshing dramas on offer this summer and one that really stood out to me was Eulachacha Waikiki. I don’t think I’ve watched an Asian drama with high on comedy before. It was a very rewarding experience 🙂


Three “loser” friends run a guest house together. We have a struggling director, actor and writer. They have a dream of making their own movie with these talents. So far, they’re close to bankruptcy and no one has recognized their talents. The wannabe director, Dong Goo, has a younger sister who lives with them and dreams of being a reporter. They’re a mess because they suck at being adults and make the most ridiculous decisions. That’s why they’re so funny 😀 One day, they find an abandoned baby girl in one of the rooms. After a day of failing at babysitting, the young mother returns but as it turns out, she has nowhere to go. They take her in as a housekeeper. Yoon A becomes part of their little family along with her daughter, Sol. They  are joined later by Dong Goo’s ex-girlfriend of 4 years, Soo A. It’s just as awkward as it sounds. The gang chases their dreams and learns a lot about life and love as the story continues.


Dong Goo


Played by Kim Jung Hyun, Dong Goo, is extremely childish but pretends to be mature. He works as a photographer and videographer for special events. He wants to become a famous movie director but can’t get his big break. He comes off as arrogant and rude but he has a soft selfless side. He grows quite a bit over the course of the drama. We get to see him being responsible and making difficult decisions like a smart adult.

Joon Ki


My favorite character ❤ Played by Lee Yi Kyung, Joon Ki is the craziest and funniest of them all. He’s just as petty as his friends but he’s also smol and fluffy. His father’s a respected actor but Joon Ki refuses his help determined to shine on his on merit. I loved his optimism, generosity and cuteness.

Doo Sik


So adorable and relatable ❤ Played by Son Seung Won, Doo Sik is the maknae of this idiotic trio but often seems the wisest of them. He’s super smart but cannot figure out life. He wants to write screenplays but is stuck doing odd writing jobs here and there. He has an online novel about Bruce Lee rising from the dead as a zombie and becoming the president of the U.S. Yeah, he’s not a magnificent writer but he’s a great friend (except for the time he’s a psychotic fan boy). He’s a typical nerd who’s never dated and is used to being a doormat.

Yoon A


The only thing normal about her are her looks. She totally fits into the Goofy Gang. That’s funny because Dong Goo keeps telling her what a nuisance she is (which she is in the beginning because of her clumsiness). She’s a single mother who wants to give her daughter the best of everything and make her proud. Played by Jung In Sun, Yoon A is a sweet apologetic character who has a lot more going on than you first assume. Estranged from Sol’s father, she dreams of becoming either a rapper or a pastry chef.

Seo Jin


One of the smarter people at the guest house, Seo Jin has the worst luck. She is a people pleaser with a strange facial hair issue which is terrible for her love life. Played by Go Won Hee, Seo Jin struggles to become a successful reporter while finding the love she’s always dreamed of (even if he’s the last man she expected 😉 ) There’s a lot to love about her ❤

Soo A


She’s a model whose looks are her biggest asset and can’t study if her life depended on it. In the beginning, Soo A (played by Lee Joo Woo) seems like a shallow selfish but you soon recognize her for who she is. She’s quite a nice person who’s passionate about her dreams and gives great relationship advice. She’s a friend you can truly lean on.

Baby Sol


You’re my honeybunch, sugar plum
You’re my sweetie pie
You’re my cuppycake, gumdrop
Snoogums, boogums, you’re
The apple of my eye

And I love you so
And I want you to know
That I’m always be right here
And I want to sing
Sweet songs to you
Because you are so dear








Dong Goo & Yoon A


Initially, Dong Goo just thinks of Yoon A as an extra burden but he comes to see her true worth with time. I liked that they focused on Yoon A’s trust issues when she rejects him for the first time. I was really glad Dong Goo didn’t give up on her because she needed someone like him as she explains her love for him later. The rivalry with the teacher chef was ridiculous but it was pretty funny. It was nice to see two decent men recognizing what a catch Yoon A was even though she was a broke single mom.

Joon Ki & Seo Jin

Screenshot_20180526-010608 Wouldn’t it be awesome if your partner helped you shave and wax? #boyfriendgoals

They were so funny and cute ❤ I loved this unique pairing. It was a bit strange to see them go from “donsaeng I can’t date” to “I love her” *wipes tear* They fought so hard to stay together (God that was frustrating!). I hated Dong Goo for that. They had their fair share of problems but they worked it out so YAY! Unconventional love FTW

Doo Sik & Soo A


An underrated and underdeveloped romance I enjoyed quite a bit 🙂 It was weird and funny. I think the viewers could relate to Soo A as we saw how well the man could clean up *wiggles brows* Their friendship was cute even with all the name calling and denial 😀

Doo Sik & Joon Ki

Not romantic but my favorite ship of this drama ❤ It was just so real *sobs* That episode where they can’t play their stupid games together was so heartbreaking *sniffs* Also, Joon Ki was so gay with Doo Sik. It was hilarious 😀



Overall, this is a character based drama which never bores you and shows you hidden perspectives you’re sure to enjoy. I hope you love discovering these characters 🙂


My Rating: 5/5 




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