Switch: Change the World Kdrama Review

Hello! I don’t believe I’ve seen a drama revolving around con men before so this was a refreshing new experience. I nearly cried watching Jang Keun Suk’s cameo in Hwayugi so I was really excited for Switch. He plays a double role in this drama so it was extra cool! Let’s see what’s all about, shall we? 🙂

The Plot

Sa Do Chan (Jang Keun Suk) is a con man who was raised by his con man father but studied to become a prosecutor. Unfortunately, he was unable to give his bar exam due to an emergency. He has a loyal gang to help him carry out “settings”. They have a code: only con criminals who’ve escaped prosecution. Meanwhile, boring hard ass prosecutor, Baek Joon Soo (also Jang Keun Suk) has become a thorn in the side of Seoul’s criminal elite. They plot to kill him and he falls into a coma. This is my favorite Kdrama opening second only to Modern Farmer. Oh Ha Ra (Han Ye Ri) is Baek Joon Soo’s partner and secretly pines for him. She and their boss, Jung Do Young (played by Chae Jae Won) create a super risky plan to bring the criminals to justice by roping in Sa Do Chan to act as Baek Joon Soo. At first, Sa Do Chan refuses outright even with the threat of arrest but he agrees when he hears that the prosecutors are searching for a faceless gang boss nicknamed Grizzly. We learn that Sa Do Chan too has been looking for him for years because he thinks that Grizzly is his father’s murderer.

So begins a thrilling action packed series of events filled with conning, secrets, mysteries, switches, crime and a teensy bit of romance 😉



Sa Do Chan


Jang Keun Suk is irresistible as the charming smartass con man who’s always one step ahead of everyone. His loyalty starts and ends with his little team. He may be helping the prosecution but he doesn’t trust them completely. His main motivation is finding his father’s murderer which he hides from them. From shy security guards to badass prosecutors everyone falls for him 😉 *drools*

Baek Joon Soo


I believe Clark Kent has a rival! He’s a genius prosecutor who never compromises on the law but with time we see that he’s quite the con man himself 😀 This hypocritical hottie is just asking for you to get under his skin which Sa Do Chan does plenty. Not one to openly express his emotions, he’s frustratingly hard to read.

Oh Ha Ra


Ssen unni ❤ It was love at first sight ❤ She’s smart, brave, sassy and a total softie when it comes to her crushes: the two lookalikes. I love her look! She’s super pretty ❤ Oh Ha Ra is like a bridge between Sa Do Chan and Baek Joon So. She’s a responsible prosecutor but she’s well aware of loopholes in the law that allow criminals to roam free. She aims to compensate for what the law lacks. She’s a kind compassionate person who looks out for the well being of people around her.

Con gang

Love them ❤ Everyone’s in the con business for their personal reasons and don’t always believe in sharing their stories. However, loyalty runs strong between them and they’re always there for each other when a setting doesn’t go as planned. Each has their own distinct talent and together their brilliant team work ensures success. They’re like Scooby and the Gang on crack.

The bad guys


How are we supposed to hate them when they look so good? Can they not find people with less symmetry in their faces and all the charm of a Mc Donald’s burger? There is the elderly boss, the rebel, the faithful right hand man and the good-for-nothing goon who gambles away his last penny (but he’s a secret wild card ssshhh). If you enjoy crime series, you’ll love the insight this drama provides into their structure and activities. The fun part is every criminal selling out the other when a sword hangs over their head. I thought the personal revenge angle was a cool addition.


What I liked

The characters are interesting and memorable right down to uri ippeun Miran-ssi. The development, flow and exploration of relationships was very smooth. Even though this drama is focused on the plot, the actors performing their parts splendidly is the highlight for me. Props to the casting team! The direction of the action sequences was pretty cool and the editors did well in creating suspense. The sexual tension between the characters is also prominent in all the right places. The OST is fantastic especially Raise Me Up by Hong Ki of FTIsland and Crazy by Teen Top.

What I disliked

The pacing was beautiful for 3/4 of Switch and then it was like, “Now what?” I think the writers should have arranged the plot so that it would be wrapped up completely at that point. It kind of throws you off when there’s been a huge build up but then this major event happens which pales in significance to the greater goal the plot is about. I think major events should be respected and retain their importance till the end. The dragging and going around in circles really tests your patience. Cons are exciting up to a certain extent. You cannot depend on them alone to hard carry your story to its conclusion. I liked the open-ended nature of the finale but I wasn’t happy with how many times reality was sacrificed to achieve it. It could have been more satisfying and believable.



There’s no reason you shouldn’t watch Switch: Change the World. The story may seem Bollywood-ish but it’s not as outlandish as it may appear (for the most part :p ). The cast did an amazing job and the setups of the con gang are immensely enjoyable. If nothing, watch it for Jang Keun Suk’s drool worthy visuals and acting ❤


My Rating: 4/5 




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