ASTRO Dream Part .01 Mini Album Review

Hello! I have been meaning to start reviewing music on my blog so I decided to pick ASTRO’s latest mini album, Dream Part .01, as my first choice. I am part of their fandom, AROHA (AstRO Hearts All Fans), but my review is fair I promise 🙂 I selected it because it actually exceeded my expectations and I hope others give it a chance too.

Let’s begin with a brief introduction of ASTRO. It is 6-member South Korean boy group under Fantagio Entertainment. They debuted on 23 February, 2016 with their title song, Hide and Seek, from their first mini album, Spring Up.

They went on to release a mini album for every season and Dream Part .01 is the beginning of a new series.


Meet the Members


Leader, rapper and slowest member.



Main Vocal, Smile Engine and the most hyper member.



Visual, vocalist and actor.



Vocalist, toughest member and actor. (My bias)



Main Dancer and rapper. He also enjoys choreography. (My biaswrecker)



Vocalist, cutest member and evil maknae.


Dream Part .01 Tracks

Only Baby has an official MV from this album so the others are fan-made lyric videos. I wish people would stop using Google Translate for them because obviously, the results are not that desirable. Let me give my personal thoughts on each song now.

Dreams Come True

The album opens with this fun upbeat song that describes the journey of these six talented boys from trainees to idols. They share their story hoping you’ll gain hope for your dreams as well. Extending a hand to AROHAs, they want them to walk towards their dreams together. It’s has a fresh clean sound that shows off the vocals and rap well. MJ, the main vocal, is lovely as always supported by Eunwoo, Moonbin and Sanha. Rocky’s rap stands out for me as he reflects on the hardships of training and how they led him to success. I’ve always been a fan of Jinjin’s rapping and he doesn’t disappoint here either describing how he’s now in control of the dreams he had as a child. The bridge builds up for the chorus nicely and the chorus leaves you with a sense of well being. A sweet message wrapped up nicely.


This is the title track for this comeback. The MV is refreshing and colorful. They went with pure primary and secondary shades rather than pastels, which is the current trend. Each member has a color that suits their personalities and AROHAs have their own color which is a mix of their official fandom colors Vivid Plum and Space Violet (Aaawwww!!). The idea of the Dream Store (D. STORE) is pretty neat. It’s a place where the boys serve you dreams in the form of drinks (the bottles have been around since forever in ASTRO’s MVs). Lyrically, it’s about falling in love, being thankful for the presence of your loved ones and just feeling on cloud nine. Jinjin’s rap is my favorite part. It just lifts the mood a level higher.

The choreography for Baby is signature ASTRO: powerful and witty. They make it look so easy! I didn’t know humans could jump that high seriously. I’m discovering all kinds of info about human limits while stanning ASTRO honestly. Moonbin was perfect as the center during his parts. As soon as the music begins, you can tell already that the dance is going to be top notch. Rocky’s B-boy tricks are enough to give anyone a heart attack!

You Smile

This is the mood maker of this album. You won’t be able to stop smiling until the song ends. It’s pretty fast paced in some parts while it has the lazy hip hop vibe in other parts. It’s an interesting blend of all things bright and swag-y. It’s a love song where a guy is a little insecure and concerned because he wants to make his girl happy. He wants to be the reason for her beautiful smile and laughter which mesmerizes him. I don’t really have a favorite part in this track because it has a lot of good parts that work wonderfully as a whole.

Because It’s You

Hands down, my favorite ASTRO song! Most people are deceived by ASTRO’s cute concepts in their title songs but they actually have plenty of mature songs as well. This song is about expressing gratitude to someone who’s been with you through thick and thin and acts like a balm to your wounds even when they’re not there. The producers didn’t make MJ shout as much in this song which I’, thankful for. He’s going to lose his voice if they don’t teach him proper technique.

Dream Night

I like that ASTRO added a mid temp song for those days when you don’t want to drown in sad songs or groove along to dance numbers. Dream Night is a pleasant song that you can listen to anytime and enjoy the vocals. It has a nice composition and I am a sucker for woah oh oh oh oh type stuff so yeah, I liked it 😀 Even though it is a sad song about missing a loved one it doesn’t give off teary vibes.

I’ll Be There

This a nostalgic track that has a bitter sweet feel to it. It’s about missing someone who’s not there anymore with you, going to the first place you met them hoping to see them again. It has a slower tempo than Dream Night and a soft beat. The electric guitar near the end was a nice touch. Jinjin and Rocky’s rap add to the storytelling and lift the mood.


This is another slower, more mature and dramatic song that would have been perfect as an OST for a Kdrama. I really love the composition. It takes your emotions higher and lower with the notes and the vocals are on point! The lyrics are about being separated from a loved one, pretending that you’re okay with them leaving and suffering alone in their absence and at the same time, begging them to say that their them leaving is a lie. Everyone did very well on this track and the rap reflects the emotion of this song beautifully.

Every Minute

The first song of this mini album, Dreams Come True, was about ASTRO’s hard journey to success so this was the perfect way to wrap up this mini album. Every Minute is about helping someone you love achieve their dreams, protecting them, cheering them on and being there for them “every minute”. Moonbin and MJ shine in this song. Moonbin’s “every minute” is cute and funny while MJ’s “good night, sweet dreams” is something I want to hear every night before falling asleep. Their harmony is very sweet.

So, that’s all for my review. Do check out ASTRO’s Dream Part .01 🙂 ASTRO fighting! AROHAs fighting ❤


Disclaimer: Concept photo credits to Fantagio Ent.

Kdrama The Best Hit Review

Hey! Today I’ll be reviewing a drama (SPOILER FREE because I’m such a giving person 😉 ) that’s a bit different from what you normally see in K-entertainment. The Best Hit is a story of young and old dreamers, family, friendship, love, regrets, broken promises, heart break and living life for yourself.

The Plot

In the early nineties, Hyun Jae (Yoon Si-Yoon) is part of the most popular pop duo in Korea called J2 along with Youngjae (Hong Kyung Min). However, Hyun Jae was the talent and brains while Youngjae just got lucky. After an argument over their recent earnings with the management, Hyun Jae disappears with all the money. Their company, , goes near bankrupt and in the present, supports just one female duo that barely gets any profits. Meanwhile, Youngjae sets up his own company right next to their’s after marrying an older rich co-worker and makes it big in the industry. Hyun Jae’s girlfriend at the time of his disappearance, Bo Hee (Yoon Son Ha), doesn’t sing anymore after that scandal and runs a bakery next to the old agency. The lives of the people around Hyun Jae turned upside down after his disappearance and now they live together next to the bakery. Boo Hee has a son, Ji Hoon (Kim Min Jae), who has been registered as the son of J2’s manager, Gwang Hee (Cha Tae Hyun), who has always had a crush on her but never confessed. Gwang Hee runs the bankrupt entertainment agency with CEO Soon Tae (Lee Deok Hwa). Soon Tae’s only daughter passed away leaving her little girl, Mal Sook, behind for him to raise. The roof top where Ji Hoon lives is also secretly home to one of his best friends, MC Drill (Dong Hyun Bae), who’s a trainee at Youngjae’s company. Ji Hoon pretends to be studying for the civil service exam while he’s actually training to be an idol with MC Drill. In his place, his other best friend, Choi Woo Seung  (Lee Se Young), attends the academy while struggling to make ends meet with countless part time jobs. When she discovers that her boyfriend is having an affair with her best girlfriend and roommate, things go out of hand and they end up at the police station. Ji Hoon and MC Drill drive there to pick her up. When they’re coming back to Ji Hoon’s home, they almost run someone over.  Switching to the past Hyun Jae ends up in the present by whooshing down the stairs of his agency during a typhoon a year before he disappeared. It’s the same building which the family lives in the present. That’s when the three youngsters nearly run him over accidentally. Hyun Jae claims to have lost his memory and demands that Ji Hoon (the driver) compensate him by letting him stay at his house (where he just came from in the past).

The plot revolves around Hyun Jae trying to unravel why he suddenly came to the present and how he disappeared from the face of the earth. There’s also the question of the money he fought over with his agency. Gwang Hee  and Soon Tae never found a penny of it and Hyun Jae doesn’t know where he hid it. Youngjae is also looking for the same money. Ji Hoon struggles with idol training and hiding it from his family while trying to gather the courage to confess his feelings to Woo Seung. Woo Seung battles her bad luck and tries to emotionally detach herself from a mother who has only ever used and abandoned her. Everyone has secrets they desperately try to hide resulting in choas and hilarity.

The Characters

Hyun Jae

Hyun Jae never had much of a family and appears to care for no one but himself. Everyone’s out to use his talent and he rarely developed close sincere relationships. The only ones who seem to bear with him are his manager, Gwang Hee, who is always forced to clean up his mess and his rumored girlfriend, Bo Hee, who’s the nation’s fairy. He’s proud, rude, funny, silly and highly entertaining as a character. There’s considerable growth in him as the drama goes on and we learn the whys and hows of his personality. In the end, the Hyun Jae of 1993 is very different from the Hyun Jae of present day. If you’re a 90’s kid you’ll love the past scenes and Hyun Jae when he first comes to the present. I was impressed that they actually did a stage performance of J2’s original song, Say It, for The Best Hit. Oh and that hairstyle transformation. Their stylist deserves a raise! *fans self*

Ji Hoon

The visuals of this cast are just ❤ Ji Hoon is relatable as a young man who is torn between pursuing his dream of becoming an idol and making his parents proud by getting a stable government job. Min Jae did a great job showing his struggle and drive. His character gives us a glimpse into the world of Korean entertainment where all that glitters isn’t gold. We see the high stakes and trainees giving up everything just for a chance to become an idol.  My favorite Ji Hoon scene was when he rapped during a company evaluation. Ji Hoon is the loyal generous friend everyone needs. He is afraid to speak up for his dreams but he finds a way to work hard for them anyway even if it means deceiving his family.

Woo Seung

One of the few female characters, Woo Seung stands out in a male-dominated cast. She’s a strong character who knows her rights and works harder than anyone to do what must be done. Although she enjoyed making music in school, she doesn’t have the liberty to follow that dream anymore. Abandoned by her only family, she leans on her childhood friend, Ji Hoon, in crisis. She’s independent and driven not looking down on any job that puts food on the table. Despite having serious trust issues, she learns to open up to those around her and becomes a happier person.


I didn’t mention him in the plot but MJ is a memorable character made unforgettable by ASTRO’s Eunwoo. Who would forget that face, seriously? 😀 As an AROHA, I am so proud of Eunwoo doing incredibly well in his first role besides ASTRO’s own mini drama production. MJ is a lot like Hyun Jae in some ways. He’s proud, manipulative, narcissistic and of course, ridiculously gorgeous! He’s the complete opposite of our sweet kind Eunwoo except the looks part. MJ is one smart cookie and doesn’t let his evil agency get away with using him. Yay for MJ ❤ His scenes with Woo Seung are quite funny as she’s hired as an intern at his agency and he can’t help but boss her around for the most ridiculous things. Also, that joke about Woo Seung’s name…sorry but I laughed every time 😛

(SPOILERS AHEAD because there’s no way to talk about this without spoilers)







I am not sure how the others feel about it but I wasn’t really much into Hyun Jae and Woo Seung as a couple. I loved them as friends and they had a lot of funny scenes (not the first three kisses…that was just…..cringe-y). I guess it was important for the plot that Woo Seung be the reason Hyun Jae would want to return to the present. I’m okay with it. Not bad but their romance didn’t have me swooning sadly.

As for Ji Hoon and Woo Seung, it was typical K-drama treatment of the second lead. I did’t suffer from Second Lead Syndrome at all. The writers always ease in the main lead by making sure that he’s there when the second lead isn’t. The second lead keeps missing chances for no particular reason and ends up giving up altogether. If they’d been together, it would have been sweet. They weren’t. It’s still okay. This drama wasn’t much about romance anyway so I’m not complaining 😀









The Best Hit was very refreshing! I liked the unique plot, variety of characters, character growth, plot twists, mystery and comedy. The storytelling wasn’t bad and I definitely didn’t lose interest at any point. There were unnecessary parts and some characters that really didn’t make sense like Ji Hoon’s Bona (Do Hyeri) but those things are to be expected in any K-drama 😀 If you’re a YG stan, you’ll love the YG references that keep popping up from time to time.

Watch it and you won’t regret it 🙂


My Rating



Have you watched The Best Hit? What did you think?


Disclaimer: None of the images belong to me. CTO. 

Kdrama Chicago Typewriter Review

Hi! Today, I’ll be reviewing my favorite Kdrama this year, Chicago Typewriter. There aren’t any major spoilers in this review. The name might mislead you into thinking it’s about America so allow me to explain. There are two reasons for this title.

  1. Chicago Typewriter is the name of a gun which sounds like a typewriter when it goes off. It’s quite familiar to the characters and appears often.
  2. There is an old typewriter one of the main characters comes across in Chicago, USA which is very important to the plot.

The plot revolves around three main characters who were also connected in their past lives along with others around them. This means that most of the actors play double roles in this drama.

Yooh Ah-In plays a famous narcissistic author of mystery novels in present age Seoul, Han Se-Joo. He’s a loner who has always been betrayed by the ones closest to him. Writing is now all about business to him so he basically churns out products encouraged by his publisher.  In his past life, he was Seo Hwi-Young, also a fiction author in the local newspaper.

Im Soo-Jung plays Jeon Seoul, a bookworm with a complicated life. Although educated, she had to give up one career after another and works odd jobs. Abandoned as a child, she lives with a fortuneteller who has a daughter the same age, who is Jeon Seoul’s best friend. They have another close friend who owns an Italian restaurant and has had a crush on Jeon Seoul since forever. She doesn’t share his feelings. Jeon Seoul is a huge fan of Han Se-Joo. In her past life, she was Ryu Soo-hyun, the daughter of a Korean rebel who was executed by the Japanese. She pretends to be a man and works at the popular club, Carpe Diem.

Go Kyung-Pyo does not have a double role. He plays a ghost trapped in an old typewriter. He is Shin Yool, the owner of Carpe Diem and best friends with both Ryu Soo-Hyun and Seo Hwi-Young. He takes care of Ryu Soo-Hyun as a child and raises her as an errand boy protecting her secret. Only he knows the identity of the rebel leader since Carpe Diem is a front for the Korean rebel base fighting against the Japanese invaders.

The story begins with Han Se-Joo having a book signing event in Chicago where he comes across the antique Korean typewriter on display. He feels a connection to it and asks the owner to sell it but the owner declines. That night, the typewriter itself starts writing that it wants to be sent to Han Se-Joo scaring the owner into shipping it to Seoul right away. The courier service sends Jeon Seoul to pick up the package and deliver it to Han Se-Joo much to her delight. However, she soon comes face to face with Han Se-Joo’s suspicious dismissive personality and returns disappointed. There’s also a very cute fluffy dog you’ll see throughout the drama. He’s also important 😉

Meanwhile, Han Se-Joo faces a slump and goes into isolation.  The ghost doesn’t know how he died and starts to write the events he remembers. Eventually, Han Se-Joo and the ghost meet and a hilarious sequence of events follows. I love the humor in this drama. It’s fresh and not cringe-y in the least. It doesn’t feel forced or unnatural. The ghost becomes Han Se-Joo’s “ghostwriter” during his slump and they draw up a business contract demanding mutual cooperation for their personal goals.

Han Se-Joo keeps running into Jeon Seoul for various reasons. There’s plenty of action, mystery and thrill with anti-fans, dead threats, murder attempts, fraud and what not. It keeps you hooked till the very end. Jeon Seoul has flashes of her past life and Han Se-Joo too begins to have the same experience after touching the typewriter. Things get further complicated once the three main characters start to remember more of their past lives. They turn it into a novel series under the name of Han Se-Joo since the public loved the first chapter which the ghost had submitted without Han Se-Joo’s approval.

The flashbacks are my favorite part about Chicago Typewriter. Everything from styling to history is so good. I think the writers did a great job of delivering revelations without spoiling the mystery of the plot. The memories that surface are not in sequence and each of the three have their personal mysteries to unravel. The past is closely connected to the present even without the ghost because others reborn are also around them. There are enemies, family and friends. These three are not the only ones who remember their past lives.

The relationships between the characters are definitely the highlight of the drama. You can sense all kinds of tension and there is visible growth as the story moves on. I think morally, the characters make commendable decisions and there are lessons we all can learn from them.

You grow attached to the characters and the stakes are high. Remember, it’s not exactly a happy ending but I was so pleased with how the writers wrapped up this drama. I couldn’t have dreamed of having such a ending. It was more than perfect.

Overall, Chicago Typewriter exceeded my expectations and is the only perfect drama I have watched yet. The characters, acting, plot, direction and production is all splendid. The concept was fantastic and the execution is too good to be true. I must mention the beautifully haunting OST of Chicago Typewriter. It fits perfectly and is unforgettable.

I highly recommend watching it if you’re into history, fantasy, romance, bromance, the paranormal and drama.


My Rating: 5/5

(Disclaimer: None of these gifs belong to me. CTO)


Have you watched Chicago Typewriter? What did you think about it?




Kdrama Strong Woman Do Bong Soon Review Episode 10 Onwards

Hello! I finally got my WordPress back since I updated my Windows and couldn’t even open the website. Praying this never happens again. So, I reviewed the first 10 episodes of Strong Woman Do Bong Soon previously where I covered most of the important bits. Today, I will be wrapping up my thoughts on it. So, let’s see if my mind changed in these final episodes.


Unfortunately, the issues I had with this drama were never resolved and I am very disappointed about them.

  1. Do Bong Soon’s mother makes a lameass excuse about how the strong girl born into their family always saps the strength of the boys born in the same generation. She justified her shitty behavior towards her daughter since childhood with that. Do Bong Soon literally feels unloved by her mother since she was a baby and in her 20s this is what her mother explains it with? Unacceptable!
  2. Do Bong Soon’s mother is one rotten character who doesn’t make anything right till the very end. I don’t understand how the writers can be okay with such a character being accepted and loved by the very people she abuses. Besides, Do Bong Soon, her mother is verbally and physically abusive towards her own husband. Her husband eventually leaves home but comes back for some unfathomable reason. There’s no more talk of the abuse after that. Way to encourage abusive marriages!
  3.  The goons had so many scenes, half of which completely unnecessary with bad comedy. I don’t get it. The whole monk thing as completely ridiculous. What was the point? Did they just need fillers?
  4. The whole romance plot of the childhood bestie, his girlfriend and Do Bong Soon’s brother…what? Why? How? Can you not jebal?!!!!! It was beyond stupid and made zero sense especially given the conclusion.
  5.  Our beloved CEO never resolved his issues with his family. They were pretty important in the beginning of the series but there was nothing after his brother’s betrayal was revealed. Why? 😦


So, it was things like these that really ruined the experience of this drama for me. It had a promising start. Then all these time slot fillers and unanswered questions ruined it for me.

Credit: Soompi

The good thing was the romance. Second Lead Syndrome was apparently on vacation during this drama for me and I’m grateful for that. The childhood bestie graciously accepted defeat and moved out of the way even though there were all those hilarious scenes with the male leads fighting. I loved them. They put aside their differences to help catch the killer. Do Bong Soon was very brave and heroic but downright foolish at times when she didn’t take help from either of them and just plunged headfirst into danger.

The double role is worth mentioning. The acting was excellent. The role was important in giving a lesson about bullying. It showed a badass side of Do Bong Soon. For once, the goon aspect didn’t bother me where this role was concerned. These scenes were absolutely hilarious!

Credit: GramUnion

I liked how the victims were rescued and the killer was caught in the end. The office rooftop scene where the killer tries to kill Do Bong Soon was definitely one of my favorites. Such scenes were well done in my opinion and made up for other shortcomings.

I wish I could recommend this drama with all my heart but I always say that skip the goon scenes. There are quite a few of them grrrrr!!!

Overall Rating: 3/5

Have you watched Strong Woman Do Bong Soon or planning to watch it? What did you think of it?





GOT7 Pakistan Birthday Project September 2017

Hello Aghases! Hope you are fluttering around happily 🙂 As you know September is a special month for GOT7 and Aghases. Mark, Jinyoung and Youngjae will be celebrating their birthdays in September. So, Aghases in Pakistan are planning to surprise them by putting up banners in Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad on their birthdays.

Please spread the word on social media everywhere so all Aghases maybe united and the ones in Pakistan may actively participate.

Let’s make this September a memorable one for our awesome boys!

Keep on flying high ❤


BTS Blood, Sweat & Tears MV Japanese Version Review & Fan Theories

Hi guys! Bangtan Sonyeondan’s Blood, Sweat & Tears MV Japanese version was officially released today and predictably, it’s awesome.

As expected, fan theories started pouring in within minutes of its release. I’m going to tell you what I think and the theories I have come up with. These are just my thoughts but I have heard some things from others which I will mention.

Let me start off with the obvious: Blood, Sweat & Tears Korean version is the first part and the Japanese version is the second part. This is not exactly a story but it does have a timeline. Both MVs have the timeline in common: we see the beginning in the last few scenes. There are many Biblical references in both MVs but sadly, I haven’t read the Bible so I was unable to grasp them all.

Namjoon has often said that they try to show the lives of the youth and BST does exactly that. BST is basically a depiction of the reality we face every day: the battle between good vs. evil. Namjoon explained that BST is about the temptations the youth face in the form of their own desires.

Here’s what happened

In the Korean version, we see Taehyung jump from the balcony and when the shroud lifts from him there is an injury on his back where his wings were ripped out. Taehyung is a fallen angel possibly, Lucifer. The statue of the fallen angel with the black feathered wings represents Taehyung. He acts like he’s one of boys so they never suspect him of being evil.

bst k 6

The boys are all sitting at the table with apples on their plates but they haven’t touched them yet. The apple is the forbidden fruit which Adam and Eve ate after being enticed by Lucifer resulting in them being cast out of Heaven. The apples represent the temptation that is often invitingly laid before us like a feast.

bst k 4

Jin stands up and the screen goes red as he lets go of the balloon but still reaches out for it. The balloon represents childish innocence which has now left him. Jin is alone when he kisses the statue and we see Taehyung covering Jin’s eyes. Jin has now succumbed to temptation and is blinded by evil.

Jin meets Namjoon and hands him a vial of Absinthe. Absinthe is also like apples here. The both represent the same thing: evil. So, Namjoon becomes corrupted and sets his eyes on Jungkook, who is his partner for the BST MVs. He forces Jungkook to drink the Absinthe. Jungkook is the youngest and I think he represents innocence almost angelic. The goodness in him repels the Absinthe as we see him vomit and the chaos spreading is shown as the swirling colors. Yoongi comes to check on him but Jungkook rejects his help. Remember the roles were reversed in the Run MV. When Jungkook wakes up in the Japanese MV, we can see a stain on his mattress similar to Taehyung’s wing injury. It’s like Jungkook was an angel but after being forced to take Absinthe he has fallen from grace. This probably shows how corruption spreads from one person to another and the role of peer pressure in it.


I assume the others become similarly corrupted in various ways but they all react differently to it. Jimin bites into the apple. It obviously represents Jimin being corrupted maybe at the same time as Jungkook. This is further stressed on as the apple is blended into a liquid and the liquid turns green just like Absinthe. The scene from BST Korean version where Jungkook licks his finger tasting the green substance is repeated. This confirms that’s where Jungkook was corrupted. Jimin’s sin appears to be hypocrisy. He feels like he is living a lie and we see two parts of him in this MV: the Jimin who is aware that he has become corrupt and the Jimin who is confused and either unaware or in denial. In the blue room, Unaware Jimin looks at the apple in his hand in confusion. Yoongi keeps covering Jimin’s eyes with either his hands or a blindfold in both BST MVs.

bst k1

I don’t know if Yoongi was the one who led Jimin astray but he keeps trying to stop Jimin from learning the truth about the corruption within them both. They are partners in the BST MVs. Suddenly we start watching things from Jimin’s perspective as Yoongi’s fingers block the screen in the Japanese MV. As Jimin moved Yoongi’s hands away from his eyes he starts seeing reality. Aware Jimin walks and then literally runs away from Yoongi. He walks around realizing that his soul was tainted by the apple and feels ashamed of it trying to wipe the taste of the apple from his mouth.

J-Hope’s temptation is drugs I guess. We see him struggle with pills in many MVs. Yoongi’s might be lust/love like we saw him become destructive in First Love. J-Hope and Jimin’s solo dances are the same as that in their solo songs. I believe they reveal their inner turmoil as they battle the evil inside their souls. The ceiling of the dance studio is a scene from Heaven so J-Hope reaches out his hand in a plea for help. J-Hope alone seems keenly aware of his corruption and even manages to defeat it as he throws away his pills. J-Hope is repeatedly shown sitting in front a statue of the Virgin Mary I believe. I think it’s meant to show that the good in him is stronger than the evil and he ultimately overcomes it. Now, all six of the boys have been corrupted and we see Taehyung, the evil fallen angel, move away from Jimin and Jungkook.

bst 3

Maybe he corrupted them in order of age. It could be that kids learn from their elders and when the elders deviate from the right path, the younger ones follow. He seems to be stumbling around but I don’t know why. I can’t tell what’s written on his shirt but I think it’s significant. The lower part maybe “98six” but I can’t be sure. If so, it could be a Biblical reference I didn’t understand.

Several things happen around the same time now. Both Jimins face each other. Yoongi is again there to shield Unaware Jimin’s eyes from reality. Unaware Jimin drops the cause of the evil, the apple, in shock finally detaching himself from evil. Jimin is thrust into the chaos evil created, Jungkook tries to walk away from the cracks in the floor (the damage evil did in his life) and Namjoon breaks all the mirrors around himself probably because he was unable to face the reality of what he did and what he has become.

namjoon broken mirros

Jimin and Jungkook hold Taehyung in place as he struggles to escape. Meanwhile, J-Hope skims his hand along a weapon and someone holds a dart read to throw it at Taehyung. I think it maybe Jin. The scene where J-Hope fires an arrow in BST Korean version is repeated but this time, the arrow flies through time and space and Taehyung flinches as if he sees it coming and not a tiny dart. J-Hope wins against Taehyung but not the others.

bst k2

Jin beats up Taehyung like he blames him for his corruption and has finally come to his senses. Taehyung seems happy that his mission to corrupt them all was successful. He pushes Jin down then appears to stab him in the heart. I think it means that Jin tried to fight his corruption too late and he couldn’t stop the corruption from killing him in the end. I think the shattered mirrors and swirls Jungkook and Namjoon see are the effects of Jin’s death on them showing how one person’s death affects those around him. Taehyung directly corrupted Jin. Jin corrupted Namjoon who in turn corrupted Jungkook. Taehyung gleefully moves on to kill the others. Taehyung’s jacket reads “Lone Wolf” and “Confuse” while having cards on it too. I think it shows that Lucifer is not one of the boys and that he plays games confusing them leading them to evil. Taehyung is moving through sheets and curtains which probably meant that he hides behind screens and it’s hard to see his true face. Namjoon also mentioned this in an interview that evil comes to us in the shape of our desires. So, that’s how Taehyung manages to lead them all astray. He sneaks around and crawls through a small opening into the outdoors where his jacket sleeve reads “DISAPPEAR”. I think it means that Lucifer sneakily corrupts and leaves once he’s done. If you are religious, you could interpret Taehyung’s character to be Lucifer or a fallen angel. If not, you could simply interpret it as supreme evil or the source of evil. It could also be understood as the selfish human part we all have inside of us.


You might be wondering why I didn’t talk about Jin and the painting. Jin stares at a painting which depicts a battle being Heaven and Hell in both BST MVs. I believe it is figurative and not literal. Jin is gazing upon the real world and the never ending battle between good and evil. In the Japanese MV, Jin is shown first but what we don’t realize is that Jin is dead and in the place between worlds. We are later shown the hole in his heart where Taehyung stabbed him. Looking at the painting, I think his life flashes before his eyes. The scene is abruptly filled with red smoke like it’s something hazy in the past. Once, he sees his death in the painting, a void opens up in the floor. I think Jin corrupted his loved ones so now he’s going to hell for it. Suddenly, we see one of the boys (maybe J-Hope) look up to the sky and see a pair of wings.

jhope angel

Jin shatters and disappears but the falling shards of glass turn into white feathers. So, I believe that Jin did do to Heaven in the end because he repented for his sins and died trying to defeat evil.

Blood, Sweat and Tears is meant to show us the ugly reality I believe. It shows the youth how evil can sneak into their hearts, cause chaos in their lives, spread to others and even kill them. through the stories of these characters, it tells us how different people react to it and how we should deal with it. I think J-Hope would be the most inspiring in this case. We should be aware of it and fight it with all we have got if we don’t want it to consume us entirely.

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Book Review: A Court of Wings and Ruin (A Court of Thorns and Roses #3) by Sarah J. Maas

Hello! The much anticipated third book in the A Court of Thorns and Roses (ACOTAR) series, A Court of Wings and Ruin (ACOWAR), was released on 2nd May, 2017 and I was able to get a copy the very next day thanks to the pre-order suggested by my fellow Massassin. Thanks Saima ❤ This is NOT a standalone novel so don’t skip the first two books in the series folks!


Spoiler-free review

It’s huge like HUGE!! (705 pages) You can legit use it instead of a plain old dumbbell. I am sure a lot of people are disappointed (I actually have seen posts about this on social media) but remember that expectations were really high for this release. There were several fascinating fan theories but it appears that Sarah went in a completely different direction haha!

There are three parts: Princess of Carrion, Cursebreaker and High Lady. Everyone was agonizing over Feyre being stuck at the Spring Court and Tamlin’s “advances”. That part doesn’t take up too much space which I was glad for. I think you’ll find Feyre’s time at the Spring Court very satisfying 😉

The first ¾ of the book is paced quite well in my opinion. Nothing feels rushed or slow. We get to meet many exciting new characters especially the High Lords who I hope will feature further in the series. The characters we know and love return as this trilogy concludes. We learn so much more about the cadre, the Court of Nightmares, Velaris and Prythian as a whole. More of Miryam, Drakon and Jurian’s history is revealed and there are plenty of twists to enjoy. My personal favorite returns were the Bone Carver, the Weaver and the Suriel. I loved their stories and their contribution to the plot. Nesta and Elain have significant roles and we see how they have changed after becoming High Fae. Their father makes an appearance and we get to know where he’s been this whole time. As promised, Amren’s true identity is finally revealed though I didn’t understand it until someone spelled it out for me.

I enjoyed the storyline of the missing human queen we all wondered about. I won’t spoil it but her story is actually a loose adaptation of a fairy tale. We anticipated more of Rhys and Tamlin’s history but that barely gets any pages. Instead, the focus is on the Autumn Court’s history and its connection to Mor. Lucien obviously gets much space as a result of that and his contribution in the war. The plot follows the war with Hybern as expected but not all is doom and gloom so don’t worry. There’s plenty of smut (not a fan) and mushy romantic moments (again not a fan). If you thought things were dangerous before you’ll see just how bad things can get. There’s Fae magic and creatures to learn about besides cool action.

I can’t talk about ships and controversial characters without giving out spoilers so I’ll reserve my thoughts for the spoiler-y section. My issues with this book are similar to the ones I had with the previous two. The last third feels rushed. I understand the chaos of the war and personal preferences but there were many significant events that didn’t get the attention they deserved. Sarah was like, “Yeah, that happened. Let’s move on!” and I was like, “That’s it?”

There were some important things particularly with regards to the ships that weren’t concluded properly. It could be that she plans to explore them more in the upcoming books but still, it would have nice to have some conclusive interactions. There are some things that brought down the rating for me. I have noticed that Sarah makes things super convenient at times which kills the charm of a perfectly good story for me. I mentioned this about the mate thing in A Court of Mist and Fury (ACOMAF) too. ACOWAR leaves you with more questions than answers. That’s probably why some readers were disappointed.

It isn’t a bad book at all and you should definitely pick it up if you have already read ACOTAR and ACOMAF. Let me know what you’re looking forward to in ACOWAR.




Spoiler-y review

Okay, time for some real talk. I’ll split the stuff into sections so let’s get started!


I was happy with the plot. The beginning, middle and end were all good. There was tons of action, mystery and thrill just as it should have been. There was politics, betrayal and unexpected twists. Yay! Things at the Spring Court were wrapped up well. I didn’t anticipate Lucien becoming such a close ally but enjoyed his role in ACOWAR. I wish we could have visited all the courts but we couldn’t sadly. I was happy to see Tarquin again because I have a crush on him hehe! I think Sarah did a good job with the twists. I totally didn’t see them coming.

I enjoyed learning about the histories of various characters especially the story about Nephelle. That was cute. I was disappointed that we didn’t see the Weaver and the Bone Carver interact much and we never learned who their bother was. I thought it might be Briaxis. The battle scenes were awesome and exaggerated but that’s okay. It’s fantasy after all 😀


Controversial characters


I don’t think anything ever excuses abuse and you can’t ever make up for it especially after Tamlin exploded at Feyre in his study. It doesn’t matter if she provoked him on purpose. The fact that Tamlin killed or let Rhysand’s mother and sister be killed is not something I can get over. Tamlin claims to do everything to protect his court yet he treats his subjects poorly particularly when he chose Ianthe over his guards. He insulted Feyre and Rhys badly during the High Lords’ meeting but then saved her life from Hybern apparently because he still “loved” her. He gave a drop of his power to save Rhys wishing Feyre a happy life doesn’t make me forget anything that happened before. I don’t judge characters on their morals but it’s important to say that I don’t think Tamlin deserved forgiveness or redemption. As a character, I enjoyed Tamlin’s role and him being so unstable added more anticipation to the plot. I am glad his role wasn’t small because that wouldn’t have made sense. I was happy that he was smart enough to side with the High Lords in the war.


Let me just say this first. Nesta was a shitty elder sister and nothing excuses her behavior. She is one of my favorite characters. She brings excitement to any scene though she did change quite a bit in the second half. I didn’t expect her to agree to help the cadre but she did diligently. I think she and Amren made a great team. The part where the sisters got together after Elain’s rescue was touching. I enjoyed her facing the King. It was nice to see her care about someone besides Elain for a change.


I place Nesta and Elain in the same category of shitty sister though Elain did have her moments with her sweet gestures towards Feyre. I felt sorry for her throughout the book but she was very close to being pathetic in my opinion. I am glad she came through in the end as the situation was reversed with her and Nesta.


I can never forgive Lucien for being a bystander while Feyre was being abused by Tamlin. At least he apologized and was willing to play his part in the war. It was interesting to learn about his family’s history but I feel like Sarah told us many things yet didn’t tell us how it factored into the plot. I was hoping Lucien and Tamlin would confront each other but that didn’t happen. Considering their friendship since ACOTAR, I was disappointed their interaction was literally zero after Lucien left the Spring Court.

Feyre’s father

He is probably the one I blame the most for Feyre’s condition in ACOTAR. Not only did he sit on ass the whole time he never tried to change the behavior of her sisters. I think he had a fitting end in ACOWAR. Even if he didn’t do anything for his kids while he was alive he wanted to become the father they deserved and died trying to protect them.


The King

I loved his cunning and schemes. He was a worthy adversary for the High Lords and I was seriously impressed by his battle strategies. He was a cool villain throughout the series and I was sad to see him go. While his death was satisfying, it seemed so insignificant to the other characters that it bothered me.


I love Ianthe. She brings so much fun to the plot. Stubbornly evil till the very end. I love her craftiness which Feyre turns against her. I had a blast watching Feyre destroy Ianthe using own weakness against her. The part where Feyre orders her to crush her hand was awesome. I wasn’t very happy with how she died and would have preferred her to suffer for the rest of her miserable life.

Amarantha (Honorable mention)

Even though she’s dead, Amarantha came up so many times. I am glad Sarah kept it real and highlighted the hardships of the survivors of sexual abuse.


Feyre and Rhysand

It’s important for me to say that I can’t overlook what Rhys did to Feyre without her consent Under the Mountain. Feyre stresses again and again on how much Rhys cares about her consent compared to Tamlin. If Sarah wanted readers to completely accept Rhysand then she should have made Feyre fully consent to Rhy’s schemes Under the Mountain. Besides that, their bond just gets better and better with every book. It’s a healthy relationship where both partners respect each other’s wishes though they are both sneaky. I loved the surprises they both prepared for each other in the final battle.

Nesta and Cassian

I know many people didn’t want this ship to go further because they hate Nesta as a person. I don’t like Nesta as a person but their romance in ACOWAR was too good. I have been enjoying their interactions since ACOMAF and I was SO relieved to know that there was no mate stuff between them yet. It’s a strained, quiet bonding between them. Their close interactions were the kind I hold my breath for. 100% satisfied!

Elain and Lucien

I really don’t know what is going on between them and where it will all go. I feel like the mating bond between them was pointless if this is how they parted ways. I was SO annoyed when I found out that they were mates in ACOMAF. Nothing happened between them like nothing literally.

Mor and Azriel

I don’t quite understand Mor’s romantic preferences but her story was sweet and sad at the same time. I don’t know why things between her and Azriel were left this way because this ship was so hyped up in both books. I am hoping there might still be a satisfying conclusion to this.

Amren and Varian

Amren is my favorite character and I was hoping for something more between her and Varian after their interaction at the Summer Court. They went from sweet and subtle to “I don’t care who’s watching”. It was hilarious and I was cheering on Varian. I don’t know if we’ll see them again but I’ll miss them. This was definitely my favorite ship in this series after Nesta and Cassian. Yes, I pick ships based on their entertainment value LOL!




I love you Amren but you should have stayed dead! I am not sure how I feel about Amren’s betrayal. I don’t understand how she could stand by while Feyre, Cassian and Nesta were in such danger from the King. I want an explanation for that. All of them could have easily died and they almost did. That being said, I liked her death scene. It was emotional and meaningful. I felt like she had gotten everything she had desired in her life. She came back in such a weird way and I felt like her sacrifice and that intense death scene lost meaning.


I wouldn’t have minded if Rhys had not come back to life but maybe that would have defeated the meaning of the famous Suriel dialogue, “Stay with the High Lord.” I enjoyed his death scene too and it felt true to his character. However, I don’t understand how he came back the same way Feyre did. Even the High Lords doubted it. It was like a children’s fairy tale. It made no sense and again, his sacrifice lost meaning to me.

The Bone Carver

I was fascinated with the Bone Carver in ACOMAF and I was so happy to see him again in ACOWAR. His past and true character cast him a different light. I am glad we got to know him better before he died. His death scene was great too. I am sad he died but that’s what he wanted so I guess I should be happy for him.

The Suriel

Ah, this death hit me the hardest. I would rather Rhys had died instead of the Suriel. It’s sad that we never learned its name. This death scene was really emotional and I truly fell in love with the Suriel there. His death scene was my personal favorite. Bye bye Suriel. I hope there’s loads of gossip where you’re going 😦

I think I have poured out all my views on ACOWAR for now. Have you read it? What did you think about it?