GOT7 Member Introduction

GOT7 is a seven member group under JYP Entertainment that debuted on 16th January, 2014 with the song Girls Girls Girls. The members come from South Korea, China, Thailand and the US with cultural and vocal diversity. Fandom Name: IGOT7 (Aghase) Fandom Colors: Green and White Lightstick:   Members JJPROJECT (JB & JINYOUNG) In 2012, JJProject debuted with Bounce In 2017, they had a comeback … Continue reading GOT7 Member Introduction

Seventeen Member Introduction

Seventeen debuted on 26 May, 2015 under Pledis Entertainment. They originally had 17 members pre-debut but when they finally debuted 13 members remained. 13 members+3 units+1 team=17.  Seventeen has 3 units: Hip hop, Vocal and Performance each with their own unit leaders. Fandom: Carats (Their symbol is a diamond inspired by one of their first songs, Shining Diamond. The measure of carat increases the value … Continue reading Seventeen Member Introduction

Monsta X Member Introduction

Monsta debuted in May, 2015 after the members were chosen through the reality show NO MERCY. Fandom: Monbebe (My baby in French) Lightstick:  Meet the Members SHOWNU (Stage name) -Leader -Main dancer -Takes part in choreo too -Came in third in Hit the Stage 2016 ( -Back up dancer for Lee Hyori’s Bad Girls ( -Featured in SISTAR’s Shake It MV along with member Wonho … Continue reading Monsta X Member Introduction

ASTRO Member Introduction

ASTRO is under Fantagio Entertainment and debuted on 23 February, 2016. Fandom: AROHA (AstrO Hearts All fans. Also love in Maori) Colors: Vivid Plum & Space Violet Lightstick:   Meet the Members JINJIN -ASTRO’s leader -Hyung line -Rapper -Deep rapping voice -Beatboxing -Plays the drums -Angelic Smile -Warm & caring -Funny & playful -Loves dogs -Shortest member (5′ 8”) -Always last to get ready or … Continue reading ASTRO Member Introduction