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Good Girls Don’t Have Opinions

“Dekho kitna bolti hai!” (Look how much she talks) If you have ever been forced into a gathering of relatives, neighbours or friends you did not know even existed, then you have probably heard this often. This is accompanied by disapproving stares (How rude!) and finger pointing at the unfortunate victim of interfering judgemental aunties and sometimes even uncles. (Hey! It’s a progressive society and … Continue reading Good Girls Don’t Have Opinions

Can I Love Myself If I Am Fat?

Hey guys! We all are, unfortunately, keenly aware of society’s primeval obsession with body image especially a woman’s physique. Recently, I came across a video titled “Women’s Ideal Body Types throughout History”, which compelled me to take a closer look at what sort of figure is considered acceptable by today’s society. Naturally, the first thing that popped into my mind was the idea of being … Continue reading Can I Love Myself If I Am Fat?

Why Are Nice Guys “Just Friends” to Most Girls?

  Hello! Today I will be exploring a dilemma that causes a lot of confusion among guys about what girls find attractive in a man. We all know that one guy who is super nice and yet that quality actually seems like a female repellant when you glance at his track record with the ladies. You know the one! He is that lucky guy who … Continue reading Why Are Nice Guys “Just Friends” to Most Girls?