Monsta X The Code Album Review

Hey! November was filled with comebacks leaving me with barely any time to listen or review albums. So, November comeback reviews will be more like mini reviews. I’ll start with Monsta X. MONSTA X HAD THEIR FIRST MUSIC SHOW WIN! A full member introduction of these amazing men can be found in this post.   Now, on with the music which got them their first … Continue reading Monsta X The Code Album Review

NU’EST W W. HERE Album Review

Hi! NU’EST is finally back but since Minhyun is currently promoting with Wanna One, they have come back as NU’EST W. The tag line is “Still Missing but We’re Here” (for Minhyun of course). NU’EST debuted at my personal favorite music era so I really like their music. Like most artists these days, they have experimented with the electronic trend but their originality and signature … Continue reading NU’EST W W. HERE Album Review